Pat and Ali are in the honeymoon stage of their lives. Double income no kids (kinda of) The next several years would be lots of fun, traveling and advancing their careers. Pat did a trip to Portugal with colleague Larry Aguiar. Teaching at Chabot College Valley Campus (Las Positas) and coaching the ultimate frisbee team, Ali managing Schoebers Athletic Club, we were doing triathlons, Pat graduated with his doctorate degree and doing losts of adventures through Schoebers. Life was good. Pat was 39 and Ali was 33 years old. Ali went to Cancun but decided to come back. She said she like Pat. Tammy graduated with her AA degree.

A Trip to Carmel

Ali goes to Cancun
Pat turns 39

Above: Pat with his 3 kids: Tammy, Nechia, and Jeff and with his to be favorite friend at his 39th birthday
Tammy Graduates from Chabot in June with one of her favorite instructors alongs side.... Dr. Pohl and Ali
Ali does her first Triathalon with Pat (she must really like him)

Now she's doing river rafting trips and backpacking trips.... she'll do anything with this guy....
click here for more photos of the backpacking trip--> Backpack Trip 1985
Below Pat and Ali do the 7 hills of San Francisco
Pat and Ali at an Ultimate Tournament at UC Santa Cruz Sept 1985

Still having fun in September

A trip to Las Vegas and So Cal to visit Pat's Brother Mickey

Above Las Vegas fun and a visit with Pat's Brother Mickey with his wife Joanne and two kids: Annie and Javan
Below we go to Newport Beach and Disneyland

Below fun time still in September and Ali's Birthday

A trip to Solvang

A potluck dinner at Pat's House

Some of our Schoebers Athletic Club Friends: Brian, Liz, John, Joan, Deedee, Tim, Dale, Kathy, Mike, MJ, Bob, Nancy, Steve
Christmas Time: Pat and Ali's First

It says Valentine below but it's still December

Pat and Ali's First New Year's Eve Festivities

Mickey, Joanne, and their kids come up for a visit and bring Nana

Thanksgiving is Nechia, Annie, Javan, Nana, Joanne, Mickey, Jeff, Tammy, Pat, Ali, Mark, Jenny, and Sarah