The Palis continue on their adventures. In 1986 Pat got introduced to the Blue Kangaroo Hawaii Gang. Ali's former co-worker from Waikiki where she bartended in the 70's. Click here for the Hawaii Reunion in San Diego photos. Pat also turned 40. Tammy and Nechia threw a surprise party in the San Ramon house. For years we're still cleaning up the confiti.

Pat's 40th Birthday Party

Above Asst. Coach Ken foote and Students Brian Stephens and Brian Freidel along with Deedee handing Pat his cake
We go to the World Expo in Vancouver, B.C.

Pat's new truck with Shasha and Gigi. Pat also takes a trip to Portugual for three weeks
More Triathlons, River Raft Trips, and the Alameda County Fair
Above: Kerry Karter, Don Silvas, Pat, Ali, ?, Jeff Beihl, Dan and Nechia / all the rest is just Pali
September Reunion Trip to San Diego for more photos of reunion click here --> Han Diego Reunion

Our Annual Trip to Las Vegas with Tammy and Nana, Brian, Liz and Aunt Joanie

Life goes on in November

Thanksgiving: Nechia, Annie, Javan, Nana, Joanne, Mickey, Jeff, Tammy, Pat, Ali, Mark, Jenny, Sarah
Christmas Time 1986