Pat high point during the 1987 year was his Ultimate frisbee Team winning the College National Championship back at Penn State


Below Ali with her sisters and their husbands

A trip to Carmel

Above a workout at Schoebers Athletic Club where Ali was the manager
Below are some photos from Lake Tahoe and one from So Cal on Terry's boat

Cami, Tom Whisler, Terry, Pat, and Megan
Above scenes with Sasha and Gigi and Pat's good friends Zack Papachristos and Bob Tildon
A Trip to Palm Springs
Ali bought her new "Z". A 1987 Nissan beauty.

Our Annual Trip to Las Vegas with Pat's mom, Aunt Joanie, and friend

Below a trip to Las Vegas

Below is a dinner with Tim and Deedee, Nancy who lived with us and a reroof of Pat's house with the ultimate team

Christmas Season

Some old photos from 86 and 87 and our first Christmas Newsletter

This was the first year that Pat began writing the Pali Post Christmas Cards
(This was the first post Christmas newsletter of Pali. Following the year of 87')
As some of you already know , I’ve had to do this holiday communication ritual all by myself following the “D” action several years ago. It’s what you might call a growing experience for us guys. I also realize that I don’t do it with the style, eloquence, or traditional methods common to the Christmas season. I have chosen the “After Christmas” method for several reasons. First, I find that my messages are more noticed and read (I’ve always wanted more attention). Second, I get to better respond to your personal comments written in your cards (for those who sent me cards, the rest of you are flakes). Third, I don’t stress out about the mail rush or meeting a deadline, and fourth, Christmas cards are half price now.
This is the first year I’ve tried a Xerox sheet to update you on the Pohl family happenings. I hope you don’t think it too impersonal. I have included a personal comment in each of your cards and kept enough levity in this update to make it tolerable.
Tammy is a U.C. graduate, currently sponging off her old man before she takes the big dive into corporate life. Actually she is between jobs, holding down a couple of part times ones now. She has been the best darn roommate (house keeper) anyone could ask for. I’ll look back on these days as some of the happiest. She is in shape and looks great.
Nechia has made me a pre-mature grandfather. She lives in Concord, Ca. with husband Dan (a super guy) and daughter Heather Marie (3months). I’ve never seen her more happy. Imagine, me a grandfather. Jeff has just returned home from Chico. He’s now working at Schoebers Athletic Club and Hollywood Café. He will also attend Chabot College to finish his lower education credits. Quite ambitious! But then Jeff has grown into a more mature and handsome young man. He reminds me a lot of his father. Pat, (that’s me) is still working at Chabot, specializing in fun, frolic, and frisbee. I have recently purchased a new townhouse with Ali (my significant other). It should be completed in spring (945 Waverly Commons, Livermore, Ca. 94550) Tammy will be taking over the responsibilities of the San Ramon home. The Westchester address will still continue to be an effective way of communicating with any of the Pohls. I apologize for the term “significant other”. It’s an 80’s term I heard on the Phil Donahue show and it sounds insensitive. I love Ali to pieces but we just can’t figure out what to do about those traditional “rights of passage” (e.g. marriage), so we are just enjoying one day at a time. The move to the townhouse has been a dream we’ve shared for several years now She continues to be the assistant manager at Shoebers, and keeps most of the Pohl family from unemployment lines. I still have the VW (Herbie), Sasha and Gigi (my canine kids), a great mom, and my brother Mickey, who’s married to Joanne and their kids Anjulia (8) and Javan (6). They all live in So Cal near Riverside.


Best Wishes

PALI - (figure it out)

P.S. The family portrait includes my nieces Marcie and Sara, along with Tammy, Nechia, Jeff, Ali, Dan and me attending a 3-D movie at Disneyland on Thanksgiving Day.
And the Palis started a Disneyland tradition. This year Pat and Ali went to disneyland on Thanksgiving. Hoping not to put pressure on anyone for where and who has to go eat at who's house for Thanksgiving. One of the many adjustments you have to make following a divorce. We didn't know we'd have so many followers. This Disney tradition would grow into one that lasted for decades. Click here for Disney Traditions

Sarah, Nechia, Dan, Pat, Marcie, Jeff, Tammy, and Ali Thankgiving in Disneyland 1986 (3D Michael Jackson Show)
More Photos from 87/88