The Palis purchase a condo in Livermore and they begin the process of moving out of the San Ramon house who Dan and Nechia will take over.
Click here for the photos of the construction over 1988 and 1989 of our first home we bought together. --> Condo

Below Pat and Ali relax in the front yard of the San Ramon home with Sasha and Gigi / a BB-Q with Pat's kids and their friends
Above is Ali with Nana on Mother's Day
Below is the reception we had for Dan and Nechia after their wedding in Kansas

Below a trip to Newport with Terry Lorentzen and his two kids: Drew and Cami
aBelow is photos of the summer of 88' / going through the maze with Liz O'Conner and her son Brian

Below some photos from Seattle and a picture of Ali's mom on a walkway to a marina

Pali have a reunion with the Hawaii Gang in Seattle

Click here for more photos of Seattle Reunion
Pali's having a party at the San Ramon House

We get to see a World Series Game

We do a run below with Pat's daughter Tammy, son in law Dan and good friends Deedee and Liz

Our November activities below (not sure about Disneyland trip could be 87)

a trip to Zack's Cabin in Tahoe
Some more photos from 88 below: Larry and Patti Aguiar (Larry worked with Pat and took him to Portugal) The construction of our new condo in Livermore

Above with Sasha and Gigi and our first granddaughter Heather
"Click her for construction pictures of out condo in Livermore on Waverly Commons --> Condo
Below Chirstmas time of 88' with Tammy, Nechia, Jeff, Heather, Nana, Dan and Mickey's family: Joanne, Annie and Javan

click here for newsletter of 88