Palis are still going strong. We bought a new condo in Livermore. 925 Waverly Common, Livermore, Ca. 94550. Nana tells Pat that's funny moving to Livermore because that's where Pat was conceived. TMI! Anyway closer to Pat's Work but a little further for Ali.
Click here for photos of the Condo's Construction which started in 1988 --> Condo Construction Photos
Click here for first ever trip to Orlando --> Disneyworld Tradition Begins
Below are some photos that may have come before 1989
Pat in Newport, Ali in here back patio in Pleasanton, Brian, Tammy and the Palis, Tim W., John, Bob Throckmorton, and Pie eating contest

aBelow is the 4th of July Party we had at our new condo

aAli's Birthday with Brian and Liz and Tim and Deedee
Ali and Pat's first trip to Orlando and Disneyworld which will start a tradition that goes on for decades (every other year)

Click here for more photos of the 1989 Orlando Trip --> Disneyworld 89'
Christmas 1989

New Years Eve 1989 with Brian and Liz O'Conner

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