Pat's Costa Rica Trip (Aug 1992)
Pat join friend Terry, along with teaching buddies Mel and Barry to travel to Costa Rica. Pat left San Jose, California and arrived San Jose, Costa Rica. It took the milk run flight which stopped in Mexico City, Gautemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and finally Costa Rica. This county is beautiful and the people are great. Of course everything there in the rainforest is poisionous. Frog, caterpillars, sea snakes, everything. We even went river rafting and after falling in, we found out later there were piranhas in the river. It was a great trip and will always remember what a great trip this was.

We traveled the whole country

This was before Pat and Terry's Hike from Tahoe to Yosemte..... They still like each other

San Jose / Barry, Mel, and Pat

These are actual photographs not postcards

Our mode of transportation for two weeks / A gas station in Costa Rica

A great place to stay / Costa Rica's version of Cal Trans highway crew

The most active volcano in the world

Spectacular views

The Caribbean Side of Costa Rica. The stormy surf was part of Hurrican Andrew that devastated Florida that year....

The River Raft Trip

Pat gets Fat / Where ever you go in the world there is beauty....took the bus to mass

Now I can write the trip off as professional travel (the gymnasium) / The old elephant ear plant trick

Adios Costa Rica