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1994 was another year where Pat and Ali did a lot of traveling. Pat was on sabbatical leave for the year. Pat's son Jeff graduated from UCLA.
Click here for Pat and Terry's Hike from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite
Click here for our trip to Australia
Click here for our trip to New Zealand
Click here for the Closing of the Crows Nest (Hawaii Gang Reunion)

A trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon / trip to Napa Valley and Gliding and Family Photo (Gary, Tammy, Ali, Pat, Nechia, and Danny)
The Closing of the Crow's Nest in Hawaii (more photos click here --> Crow's Nest Closing)

Gliding in Napa Valley

Retirement Event for the College

Above is Linda Milanese, Barry Schrader and wife, Don Milanese, Pat and Ali and Terry Diciana and his wife
Pat takes a trip down under and Ali joins him to visit Australia and New Zealand

For more photos of our down under trips of 1994 click here --> Down Under Adventure