Pat's 50th Birthday Party
(No one gets a new car for their Birthday)
Pat had a great surprise birthday party. Thanks, Tammy, Nechia, Ali, and Jeff. And thanks to all my friends and family who participated in this celebration.
Below are photos and writings from many of the people who are very important to Pat

The Gang

No one get a new car for a present.....
Above Left: Leslie, Scott, Pat, Ali, Nechia, and Heather / Fred, John, Ron, Geoff, Jeff, Pat, Paul, and Olin
Below: Ron and Brandi Rel / Tammy, Pat, Ali, Pat, and Zack

Pat wanted 50 friends who brought 50 bucks each....instead he got lots of friends and family who brought rolls of pennies (50)

Some of Pat's High School friends and family: Top Left: Jeff, Terry, Pat, Mom / Nechia, Joe, Cookie, Tom, and Allison
Bottom: Debbie, Terry, Pat, Mom, Justin, / Cookie, Allison, Pat, Tom, Joe, Terry, and Debbie

Pat with the Foote Family - Pat and Paul Stephens - Charlie and her kids
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jessop - Charlie (Pat's Dream Girl) - Pat opening presents

Ken and Lori Grace (polevaulter, co-worker, and friend to Pat)

Surprise Pat
Some nice comments

Tom and Allison Whisler
Joe Caruselle

Cookie, Pat's High School Sweetheart....Luv you Cookie

Ali's dad, mom, sister,and brother in law: Jim, Jenny, Mark, and Edel

Bob and Debbie Huddleston (Pat and Ali's Livermore neighbors)

Bob and Nancy Osborne (Pat's neighbors from San Ramon)

Mary Jo and John O'Donovan (Ali's bosses and friends for life)

Paul and Leslie Bras (Ali's worked with Leslie)

The Aguiars (Pat worked with Larry at Chabot and Las Positas Colleges)

The Lorentzens....Pat's best friend

Pat and Zack Papachristos (Pat's Godfather from Chabot College.... all that Pat is he owes to Zack - Thanks Greek)

Greg and Laurie Karels... Pat's past student and financial planner

Rich and Nancy (Pat and Ali's neighbors from Livermore)

Vince and Paul Gallagher ( Pat's polevaulter, co-worker, and friend)

The crew or should we say Ring Dang Dew.... Rob, Ed, Ken, and Paul.....The Ultimate Friends

Tammy and Rob Strout (Pat's student at Chabot Valley Campus and original ultimate player)

Dave Warner above and Ann and Olin Schultz.....Ultimate people

above: Shellie, Jeff, Joel Abrahams, and Matt Warner - below Joel and Dave Warner

Jeff, Sharon (Pat's first wife), Tammy, and Nechia

Scott and Erin (Ali's close friend and co-worker)

Terry, Pat, Joe, Sharon, and Tom were all high school buddies