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The 1997-98 Pali Post Christmas Card

Wow! Another year! Boy, time sure flies. Well for years we've being sending you these Christmas cards in January to save on the after Christmas card deals and that you'll also remember our card more because it came a month later. In the Pali newsletter we've been documenting the great times and adventures we've been accomplishing. Almost makes you want to hurl sometimes. You know we have to embellish the stories to make our lives look so exciting. Come on, get with the program. Well, 1997 was a little different. So maybe it was a year of challenges instead of adventures. We had three immediate family members have a battle with cancer. But all three were studs and came through all right. First there was little Heather (Dan and Nechia's kid). Come on eight year old aren't supposed to get cancer (she's OK now). Then there was Tammy (Pat's daughter). Again, way too young. And then Ali? What's up with this. Well, we're writing this newsletter with both of our heads bald. Ali from the chemo and Pat, well because he's just been going bald for a long time. Again, the good news is that all three of these ladies have kicked ass on this "C" thing. Ali just finished her last chemo treatment and is ready to go back to work at the end of this month. Pat took her to "Hooters" not only for lunch but for her rehabilitation work when they were in San Antonio, Texas a couple of months ago. Humor will get you though anything. After the reconstruction stuff and the hair growing back a different color, Ali told Pat that she might become a big breasted blonde. On a more serious note. We were just amazed and deeply moved by all the love and support from our family and friends. We can't begin to even express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you during this whole ordeal. Thank you so much and we really love you. It meant a great deal and truly helps in so many way. 
Now getting back to the levity that usually guides these annual info updates. We did take a couple of quick trips. There was the great week in Puerto Vallarta for the Pali's. We got all our kids and grandkids to Disneyland together for Tammy's 32nd Birthday. Pat took the grand kids for a Harrah's tour. Laughlin, Las Vegas, and Tahoe provided free rooms, so we took advantage. We're not sure how free they were?! We did cross Death Valley in the trip. We also got to do a short business (and surfing) trip to Hawaii in November.

The big new item: Ali and Pat purchased a condo in Lake Tahoe. We're a half a mile from the lake, the ski slopes, and the casino's. Location, location, location. Pat's just got to learn to stay out of those casinos more. In fact, I was writing checks this morning with a free Harrah's pen I picked up and realized that it probably cost more than the condo. Anyway the new Pali Pad is little and a bit old, but very cozy. So just let us know when you want to use it. It really is beautiful up there. As mentioned earlier, Ali will be going back to work this month. She's getting ready to get back into tennis and softball. Pat will be coaching his last year on the Ultimate teams. He will continue to be the stellar PE teacher he's always been, but now will have oodles of more free weekends next year. Ever since Pat didn't tryout for the NFL right after college, he has always regretted not pursuing his professional athlete dreams. He will now concentrate on developing his skills for skiing, surfing and wind surfing. He's not very good at any of these sports but that's OK because he's old and has an excuse. Pat's theory is that everyone is tired of today's overpaid professional athletes. Pat believes there's a niche for the underpaid and non talented professional athlete. Maybe a new type of role model for the baby boomers. At least it's good for a laugh. Have a great 98.

Pohl kids update: Remember to go see the movie "Godzilla" in May. Jeff Pohl did a lot of the work on the special effects. He and Shelly are doing great down in SoCal with their kids Zack (6-Mr Brain) and Meghan (5-a real beauty). Nechia went back for her senior year at college and hopefully will be teaching PE next year at a local elementary school. Auntie Tammy is helping out with the house and kids. Thanks Tammy (and Dan). Heather (9) and Justin (7) are going to school right across the street to Neil Armstrong Elementary. Some have the same teachers that Tammy, Nechia, and Jeff had. Wow! Little Carlyn (2) is way too cute and is getting all the attention. We better start abusing her. Pat's mom went to Vegas with Pat for Christmas. As if the Tahoe casinos weren't getting enough. Mickey Pohl is doing well in SoCal also.

Love Pali........