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Click here for Heather Miller for graduating from 8th grade photos.
The Palis goes to Fort Lauderdale & Key West for their own Spring Break!

Ali's new pet or should I say "to be" purse / This is Ali's last picture of Pat / The ghosts of Sasha and Gigi find Pat

I'm so confused, this is a sunrise not a sunset --> they're no sunsets on the east coast, just great food.

Sand Castles is the sky ----- Pat and Ali go alligator hunting (notice the ear plugs.) The plane boats are very loud in the everglades.

Pat's Beach Reunion in Newport (40 yrs later...)

top: Terry, Sharon, Pam, Tom, Kristie, Mike, Larry, Ernie, John
Bottom: Patti, Allyson, Gail, Pat, Sue, Mike, Cookie

Meanwhile back at the Farm!

Dan and Nechia, Nana,
.............Tammy, Reed, and Eva Lou, ............Heather and her proud Dad