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Winter -Pat Moves to Lake Tahoe

Turkey Bowl
December Stuff

OK, maybe we let the Paliwebpage go a little bit this year. Well we're back. Quickly summing the first half of the year, this winter Pat moved to Tahoe and became a ski bum. Ali tried to come up as much as possible but her place of work (Pinnacle Fitness) just wouldn't let her go. Maybe she likes her work too much. Pat moved back down from the hill and began working on the backyard landscaping projects in March. New lawn, walkways, and a new trex deck. At the end of May he finished. Alright, it's never finished. But it does look good now. We call it the Pali Spa now. We took a brief break in early May to investigate Hawaiian stuff. This time Molakai, Kauai, and Ohau. Tammy and Reed came along for the last week and played with us. Hawaiian agrees with Reed. June starts the kitchen remodel and hopefully July and early August will be true relaxing times for Pat. He's looking forward to going back to teaching in August for the rest. Construction work is a real workout. Life is good. The only down side to this year was the passing of Pat's mom Mary. Nana as we all called her was something really special. She split her living time with brother Mickey and Pat for the last three years. It was really cool having her at the dinner table and regularly eating with four generations at the table. She was one of the most loving and unselfish people. The whole family is in denial that she's not around anymore. We keep the ashtray on the frontprouch next to her bench as a memorial. Even the massage chair is named after her. It's called the "Nana" chair. We got the newest color - tobacco brown. We can all still hear her singing "When Irish Eyes are smiling" & "Que Sera". She was the best. We've planned a "Celebration of Life" wake for her in late June in So Cal. Aunt Min as she was know to the Ahern Clan was something really wonderful. And as life has it we lose one but now we are gaining one. That Pat Gaynor did it again. Tammy is expecting her second one in December. Life definately goes on, doesn't it? Did I say this was a quick summary. Oops! Sorry. Click above for photos and notes....