July 23rd - Jeff Pohl's Memorial

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Tammy, Nechia, and Sharon put together a memorial for Jeff who passed away on May 29th. It was well attended by family and friends. Rest in Peace Jeff. We Love you.

Pat with his two youngest grandsons Cole and Reed. Also his shortest and tallest grandsons / Cole and Ali

Nechia with Denise, her life long friend / Jeff's cousins, Marcie and Sarah

appetizers / The Tribute Corner

John Greene and Pat John played under 10 soccer with Jeff / Pat and Denise (Denise grew up with Jeff. She lived right around the corner from us)

The tribute corner and photo gallery along with Jeff's ashes.

Cool Cole / Joel and Pat
Jeff Farrar, childhood friend and Ken Merritt / Look all the Miller kids in the same photo

Bob and Scott Throckmorton, Nechia, Pat, and Rick Nultimeier / We sub Joel Abrahams for Nechia (same photo)

Ali and Cole catching up on things / Pat (brother-in-law), Pete (Step dad), Eric (cousin in law), and Ed Cates (Jeff's speech teacher)

Lori and Ken Grace / Ken, Scott, Bob, Sharon, Cindy, Rick, Joel, Brian, and KK - Ultimate players who watched Jeff grow up and were teammates also with Jeff

Jeff's in-laws, first wife, and his kids along with his sister: John, Tammy, Zack, Shellie, Meaghan, and Vicki / Larry Aguiar, Nechia, and Reed

Coach Aguiar, Tammy, Coach Pohl, and Reed / Joel Abrahams, Jeff's past friend, roommate, and teammate

Cindy, KK, Pat, Dave, and Ken / Steve, Cole, Noah, Carlyn, Ali, and Cole enjoying Dan's barbeque

Cindy and KK / Cole

Life in a coop

Sharon has been a rock durning the last several months of her son's Jeff's life. No one can come close to her love and devotion for her son. She was solid all through the day's activities. So her little meltdown at the end of the evening was expected. This hurting mother viewed her son's gallery of life's photos and cried. But take in the solace that she was surronded by her first husband, her daughters, and then her youngest grandson, Cole, came to her side with hugs of love and compassion. We love you Sharon. You are the best.

Our cool grandson Reed. He is unbeatable (His Aunt Nechia is kind of cool too)

Ocida (Sharon's Dog) / Pat with Jeff's statue of Mickey, " Hey Mickey, you're so fine, you blow my mind, Hey Mickey", (sorry, lyrics from an old song)

Nechia's husband Dan did his magic with the barbeque again and his photos will be coming soon.