May 20th - Ultimate Reunion at Las Postias College 2017

This weekend marked the 30 year anniversary of the Ultimate team from Chabot College - Valley Campus (known as Las Positas College - LPC) winning the College National Championship held at Penn State University. Besides honoring that team we decided to honor all teams for the last 40 years at LPC. LPC has a rich history in this wonderful sport. We had well over 100 past students, spouses, & their children. Below are photos from the day's activities including an ultimate game.
What a great day and great reunion. It also was a fund raiser that raise a lot of money for the LPC Disc Club.
Click here for photos of the slide show that was being played all day long
Some of the Players from years past

Gretchen's daughter helping ice down the drinks / Errolyn & Brian Springer (Know as Mr. Forehand)

It was a warm day and the pop tents really helped

Build it and they will come / Thanks to Gretchen for bringing the fun house for the kids

Kevin Mar, Kay French, and Gretchen Sponburgh-Safdie / See people you haven't seen for years

We had to have name tags to recognize each other / Nechia with her two daughters Carlyn & Heather along w/ Chris Lacey

Lots of talking

Coach Foote brought lots of memorobilia / Pat and Joy Whitty work on making the hot dogs

needed the shade on this beautiful day

lots of discs and lots of history

Pam and Chuck Rasbold / Bob and Scott Throckmorton

Dave Hill and Steve Mackowski /Glenn Sheppard's son Ryan

William Candia / The Bush Family

from three to five like that

Chabot College - Valley Campus and Las Positas College are the same

Coach Foote / Leslie Lewis (from the 1st women's team 1996 and Chris Lacey from the 1990 Championship team)

Leslie and her daughter / Rod Morrow talking with Chris Stout - both from the 1994 nationals team that went to LSU

on one sideline / but the other sideline look like a lot more fun

Jacob Serrano and Coach Rick Nultimeier / a group of old guys with one young one

and let the games begin

Caution: 70 year old has entered the playing field

The soccer coaches came out two: Coach Smythe and Cardinal / Geoff Gray

Kurt Uhler coaching the sidelines / More photos of really old guys

Meanwhile back to the game

The photograph-ee's and the photographers

The Summer Solstice program from 1988 / Craig and Pam and Pat with Ken photo bombing

The 1987 National Champs today (missing a couple players who had to leave early)


Above Capt. Glenn Sheppard holds two discs. He was commissioned by the Navy for the last 20 years to educate/coach the game of ultimate. For it's conditioning benefits and team comarderie building. He also traveled to many foreign countries to bring the game of ultimate to their culture. Glenn was a member of the 1987 National Championship team. Thanks Glenn.

The Clique: Scott, Craig, Mark, and Mike / The Div III National Champions from 2006

Paul Stephens (X-country coach and art teacher from Chico High school and Pat / The birthplace of Ultimate

Some history of the ultiamte program

more history

National Champs - 1987

our early day championships - Thanks Babcock brothers

1984 State Champs / 1985 State Champs

1986 States - 2nd Place / 1987 State Champs

The trophy case at LPC

Clean up

Click here for photos of the slide show that was being played all day long
Some Facebook comments
Brian Vest
What a day like today can do for your soul. 30 year Chabot/LPC Ultimate frisbee reunion. The turnout today was incredible but many still missed & talked about. A special thank you to Pat Pohl and Kerry Karter making this day possible. Highlights were seeing all the kids with squirt guns and throwing discs. This is my fraternity that I'm so grateful for.
2nd post: There is a lot to say about the impact these two men had on my life (KK and PP). The fun they have introduced me to is immeasurable. We have laughed and cried, we have won and have lost. We have even worked in Chicago in a department store together. The travels in vans, the stories, the jokes but most importantly the love for one another. Yesterday we celebrated Chabot/LPC Ultimate and by my eye we had 60-70 there spanning from the early 1980s teams to current. While many are responsible for the longevity of the program these two will always be the most important to me personally. Hey by the way both stepped on the field yesterday and smiled the entire time. Extremely fortunate to know you both and for everything you brought to my life. I have made many friends through Ultimate that will last my lifetime, thank you and I love you both very much! Cheers to you~
Derek Davenport
If that does not become an annual thing I will be disappointed. What a great way to bring all the legends back together and a perfect way to support the future legends of the sport. Thank Doc Pohl for all you did to make this happen

Coach Smythe
GREAT seeing the ULTIMATE family from Lpc...40 yrs of memories for Coach Pat Pohl...and a lifetime of memories for the scholar athletes. Ohhhh and did I mention a 30 yr celebration of the 1987 National Championship
Brian Grant
Ulitmate afternoon! here is the early reunion group....
Mike Harrell
Great time this afternoon with a great bunch of friends. Thank you Pat Pohl for making this happen and for giving me the opportunity to play this great sport. Thank you to the rest of "the boys" who not only helped me to learn to play the great sport of ultimate, but also helped to make me the man I am today. LPC will always hold a special place in my heart.
Dave Hartch
Wish I could have been there so many great people who taught me so many things about life not just love of Ultimate.

More Photos from lots of people on Facebook

Click here for photos of the slide show that was being played all day long
Click here for Pat's Personal Webpage of Ultimate
Click below for photos from Betsy Foote (you might have to copy and paste)