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So we start the month of with our 33rd anniversary, Easter, and April Fools Day and on the same da.
First - Pat's Post on Facebook
For 33 years this girl has been putting up with me. What a saint. Anyway while we were out looking for Easter eggs this morning she tells me that she’s had enough and I can just go on looking somewhere else. I couldn’t believe it, all these years and she’s dumping me now. I guess that makes us Pat and Ali now and not Pali. I didn’t see this coming. Oh by the way not only is it our anniversary, but it’s Easter too. And by the way, it’s April Fools Day also. Happy Easter and lots of love from the Palis. Get it. We’re still the Palis. It was an April Fools joke. Boy am I hilarious. Wouldn’t blame Ali for dumping me now, would you?

Then we visit Little Joanne before her big Easter Dinner to say "Goodbye" to her and Tahoe

Then a Easter Dinner with Ali's Family / The photo next to the cat is when she was a kitten with Carlyn and Markie
Then a visit to our Niece's (Sarah) beautiful new home she bought (She's our favorite niece now)
Making a barn door with my Daughter and wife. As good as it gets

Taco Tuesday - Miller Style: Hunter, Carlyn, and Ali / Nechia and Heather

Hooking up with our Canadian Friends Manny and Audrey

She looks like the tennis grip cover girl

Tennis court preparation in Hawaii

On our way to our first sunset / No that's not a sun behind Ali, it's a reflection off of a cloud from the setting sun

Friday Fireworks

Video of Fireworks

Breakfast with Rexanne and Sean at Dukes

April 8th - Davis Ultimate Invitational (DUI) was won by no other than Las Positas College. Congratulations LPC

Last night for our friend Manny before he goes back to Canada (Healthy Tacos on Thursday) / Then off to sunset

Ali with her crazy tennis people

Shout out to our granddaughter Carlyn and her boyfriend Hunter (or as we like to call him, "The Champion")

April 16th - Happy Birthday to our grandson Justin

This really cute short hair blonde just move into my place

Earth Day and we got a great sunset along with Hawaiian Style Cirque de soleil

The kids and the dogs get into it too

There was a great green flash at tonights sunset


Look who came to Hawaii to play with us - Little Joanne

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