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Pat starts the month off with a visit from some of his past students

Geoff, Paul, Pat, Greg, Denis, and Eric (EJ) / Paul, EJ, Geof, Pat, Greg, and Denis

Ali and her crew

Pat waiting for the tram / going down the tram and the view of the lake
Must be the month to hook up with past Students. This time with Mike Robson and his daughter Molley

A Tahoe Tuesday at Ed and Joanne's Place with an Italian Theme (Happy Birthday Linda)
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Some days are funnier than others and we laugh more / Ali with the Birthday Girl
Thomas comes up for a visit and a spa day with Ali / Shellie (another birthday girl) joins us for dinner with her friend Sean
Mardi Gras 2018 at the Marriott (Thanks Austin and Bev for a great party)
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Tahoe Tuesday at Toast

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The 2018 Winter Olympics has been great to watch, but the women's hockey gold medal victory over Canada was the best. By the way, Ali was born in Warroad, Minnesota. Just Saying. Hockeytown, USA."
Hockeytown USA - Warroad, Minnesota

Our grandson Reed's Basketball team lost to Amador in the league championship by one point.
But a week later met them in the Northern California Championships (NCS) 2nd round and got their revenge.

Cute Pups - Brady and Ellie and Austin's kind of cute too....

Ali went down to Modesto for some fun

Ali's work (Deerfield Lodge had an employee dinner and Magic Show Night)

Taco Tuesday at the Cantina

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