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Pat starts the month off with a visit from some of his past students

Geoff, Paul, Pat, Greg, Denis, and Eric (EJ) / Paul, EJ, Geof, Pat, Greg, and Denis

Ali and her crew

Pat waiting for the tram / going down the tram and the view of the lake
Must be the month to hook up with past Students. This time with Mike Robson and his daughter Molley

A Tahoe Tuesday at Ed and Joanne's Place with an Italian Theme (Happy Birthday Linda)
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Some days are funnier than others and we laugh more / Ali with the Birthday Girl
Thomas comes up for a visit and a spa day with Ali / Shellie (another birthday girl) joins us for dinner with her friend Sean
Mardi Gras 2018 at the Marriott (Thanks Austin and Bev for a great party)
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Tahoe Tuesday at Toast

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