February 13th - Mardi Gras
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Thanks to Austin and Bev for securing the owners lounge at the Marriott for our annual Mard Gras Party. It was a great night.
Best part of the night, eating and talking / Ronnie and Joe Machine getting their grub

Judy getting Jumbalaya / Bev, Judy, and Jan relaxing after dinner

It may have been Fat Tuesday but the Olympics were still on (Yeah Shaun White) / Pre meal talking and appitizers

Judy got the baby / Frank giving Jumbalaya tips on how to make Jumbalaya

Joe and Jack / Ali and Paula

The Mardi Gras Jester / Jacque / Pat

Joanne and Jack / Ron and Linda going at it with billiards

The Jumbalaya Chef and his assistant / Ingredients for Jumbalaya

Charmaine the King Cake Queen / Gladys and Marlys / Dick and Eddie

Pat, Harry, and Millie / Joanne, Bev, and Karis / Charmaine / Kathy, and Linda

The Three Masked Banditos / Alvin and Paula

Ali took some photos of Pat and Pat with cute girls

Bev and Judy / Charmaine's Cake artistry

Bev pointing that out / Thanks Charmaine

Master Chef Jumbalaya Tom / Charmaine and Jan

Eddie watching Shaun do his thing / Paula and Alvin

a true artist and wonderful baker / Judy will be making it next year

Photos from Bev

Photos by Gladys