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Still Skiing: Ali and Linda skiing across statelines

Nice hair Cary / Nice outfit Joe

Taco Wednesday at John and Karis's
The Gossip Kids / The Gang getting ready for some Tacos

for more photos of this event click here --> Taco Wednesday
Our daughter in law Shellie and Sean come up and fix us a vegan dinner (Yum-Yum)

Our Hawaii connection Kapono and Lauren and their kids come for their annual visit (Buffet and Arcade)

Tahoe Tuesday at Sonny's Barbecue - Birthday Style
Happy Birthday to Tom, Mike, Dennis, and Pat / going for some fine Barbecue
for more photos of this night click here --> The Birthday Boys
Ali really does ski

Ali being artistic

Shellie, Meaghan, and Deegan come up for some fun

Deegan kept riding his bike around the condo until we took him on a real bike ride

Breakfast at River Cafe / Ali and Deegan at the Arcade
First ever bus ride for Deegan

Building a snowman like Olaf / The Clan

Meaghan and Deegan doing s Cirue de Sole thing

Ali and Shellie hitting the skopes

another wonderful dinner with Paula and Alvin (eggplant parmesan - yum)

Ali trying to be artistic again (a face imprint in the snow????) In skiing we call that a faceplant.

Tahoe Tuesday at Rusty and Carmen's

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Last Days of Skiing
Little Joanne with her new coat and looking good / A Heavenly Day

The Palis getting ready for Hawaii / So True

Last Hot Chocolate Break / Last lunch at Montbleu

2018 South Lake Tahoe EXPO
Or as we like to call it (get you picture taken with Ronnie)