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2016 Hikes

Feb 13th - Snowshoe to Angora Lakes
April 6th - Powerline Hike
April 29th - Rubicon Trail
June 3rd - Horsetail Falls
June 4th - Wiliwilinui Hike
June 10th - Mt. Ralston Hike
June 17th - Snow Valley Peak
June 24th - Meiss Meadow
July 1st- A Heavenly Hike
July 6th - Blue Lake Grouse Lake
July 7th - Lower Summit City
July 15th - Shower Lakes Hike
July 22nd - Azure/Snow Lakes
July 29th - Mt. Tallac Hike
August 4th Rubicon Trail Hike
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Aug 5th - Kayak/Hike Echo Lake
Aug 12th - Sayles/Bryan Canyon
Aug 19th - Kirkwood Hike
Aug 23rd -25th - Boundry Peak
Sept 9th - Stephen's Peak Hike
Sept 23rd - Three Peaks Hike
Sept 30th - Mt. Rose Hike
Oct 7th - Price/Aggazi Peaks
Oct 21st - Dardanells Hike
Nov 4th - D.L. Bliss Hike
Nov 11th - Middle Sister
Nov 11th - High Meadow Hike
Nov 18th - Genoa Loop Hike
Nov 25th - Hawley Grade Hike

2015 Hikes

Jan 9th - Genoa Loop Hike
Jan 16th - Fay-Luther Trailhead to almost the top of Jobs Peak
Jan 23rd - Team Harry Hike
(Happy Birthday Harry)

January 24th - Powerline Hike
Jan 29th - Hawley Grade Hike
February 6th - Angora Lakes Hike
February 15th - Hike to Dardanelles Lake
February 26th - Hike to Mt. Ralston
March 14th - High Meadows Hike
March 27th - Hike to Snow Valley Peak
April 17th - Flume Trail Hike
May 1st - 1st leg of the Rim Trail (Spooner to Kingsbury)
May 21st - 2nd Leg of the Rim Trail (Kingsbury to Saddle Road)
May 29th - Carson Pass to Showers Lake
May 31st - The Palis hike Diamond Head June
June 5th - 3rd Leg of the Rim Trail (Barker Pass to Tahoe City)
June 19th - Heavenly Hike
June 26th - 4th Leg of the Rim Trail
(Big Meadows to Echo Lakes)
July 10th - Schneider to Showers Lake
July 17th - Ellis Peak Hike
July 24th - Carson Pass Hike
July 31st - 5th Leg of the Rim Trail (Brockway to Tahoe City)
August 7th - Mt. Ralston Hike
August 14th - Pyramid Peak
August 21st - 6th leg Rim Trail (Tahoe Meadows to Spooner Summit) No Photos
August 28th - Kayak-Hike Trip
Caples Lake to Emmigrant Lake
September 4th - Little Pyramid Peak from Wright's Lake
September 9th - Mt. Langley
September 18th - Angora Lakes Hike
Sept. 25th - Rubicon and Peak 9286 Hike
Sept. 28th - Pat N & Harry TRT Hike
September 30th - Mt. Tallac HikeOctober
October 2nd - Dick's Peak Hike
October 7th - 2nd Hike up Mt. Tallac
October 9th - TRT Armstrong Pass
October 16th - 3 Peaks Hike
Oct. 23rd - Armstrong to Big Meadows















2014 Hikes
Jan 17th -Spooner Summit to (almost)
The Bench Hike
not many hikes but lots of trips to the gym
no hikes, but lots of skiing
April 18th - Genoa Loop Hike
April 18th, 19th - Pali Kahle Hikes
May 2nd - Happy Birthday Little Joanne Hike (or the almost hike to Star Lake)
May 9th - Hike - Spooner Summit to ?
May 16th - Mt. Ralston Hike
May 23rd - Rubicon Hike (and the Palis do Diamond Head with Nechia)
May 25th - The Palis and Nechia do Koko Head Hike
May 30th - Spooner to Bench
June 6th -Monument Peak Hike ?
June 13th - Mt. Tallac
June 20th - Aloha Lakes Hike
June 27th - Pyramid Peak
July 4th - A Heavenly Hike
July 11th - Bayview to Dicks Lake Hike
July 18th - Stephens Peak Hike
July 25th - Meiss Meadows Hike
August 1st - Triangle Lake Hike
August 4th to the 15th - The Tahoe Rim Trail Hike (165 miles)
August 29th - Red Lake Hike
September 5th - Roundtop Lake and Peak
September 10th - Powerline Hike
September 20th - Rubicon Trail Run
October 3rd - Thunder Mountain Hike
October 10th - Price/Agassiz Peak Hike
October 22nd - Pat does a solo Mt. Tallac
October 24th - Marlette Lake Hike November
November 14th - Carson Pass to Caples Lake Hike



















2013 Hikes

April 25th - Powerline Hike with the Dogs
April 29th - Fallen Leaf Hike
May 4th - Powerline Hike 2
May 9th - The Na Pali Coast Hike
May 17th - Genoa Loop Hike
May 19th - Genoa Flower Hike
May 24th - Big Meadow Hike
May 31st - The Bench Hike
June 8th - Diamond Head Hike for Pat
Snow Valley Hike for the Tahoe Boys

June 14th Rubicon Hike
June 21st - The Lakes Hike
We did Diamond Head Again
June 28th - Puu O Mahuka Heiau Hike
June 28th - Triangle & Angora Lakes
July 12 - The Heavenly Hike
July 19th - The Rubicon Trail Hike
July19th-Elephant Back/4th of July Lake
July 26th - Bayview Hike
August 2nd - Three Peaks Hike
August 9th - Genoa Peak Hike
August 16th - Kirkwood Mountain Hike
August 28th - Mt. Whitney
September 13th - Mt. Tallac
September 23rd - Pryamid Peak
October 1st - Round Top Mountain
October 4th - Red Lake Peak (failed)
October 18th - Red Lake Peak (2nd try)
December 30th - Hawley Grade Hike






























2012 Hikes
Jan 4th Mt. Tallac (middle of winter??)
Jan 12th Snow Valley Peak
May 11th-ish Tahoe and Hawaii Hikes
May 17th Genoa Canyon Hike
May 21st High Meadows Hike
May 29th Bench Hike
June 8th Horsetail Falls Hike
June 15th Mt. Ralston
June 22 Aloha Lakes - no photos
June 29th Bayview Hike to Velma Lake
July 6th Kingbury to Star Lake Hike
July 13th - Big Meadows / Horsetail Falls
July 20th Carson Pass to 4th of July Lake
July 27th Genoa Hike
August 2nd and 3rd - Dick's Pass/Hike with Dick/ and Pat's Triathlon
August 9th - The Three Peaks Hike
August 16th - A Heavenly Hike
August 22nd - Mt. Whitney
August 31st - The 4 for Rubicon Hike
September 7th - Wright Lake Trailhead
September 14th Dicks Lake Hike
September 25th - Little Pyramid
October 5th - Hike to Round/Dardanelles
October 11th - Hike to Pyramid Peak
October 19th - The Bench Hike
December 8th - Rubicon Trail Hike
2011 Hikes
July 21st - Armstrong Pass Hike
July 27th - hike up round-a-bout
August 12th - Star Lake Hike
August 15th - Scotts Lake Hike
August 18th - Rubicon Hike
August 26th - Rubicon Hike Backwards
Sept. 16th - hike down round-a-bout
September 18th - Van Sickle Hike
Sept 23rd -Three Peak Hike
Oct 14th - Aloha Lake Hike
Oct 18th - Hike Pinecones and Bocci Ball
2010 Hikes
Aug. Mt. Tallac Expedition Team Accent
Rock Climbing Dinasaur Rock (9/5/10)
Rock Climbing 90 Foot Wall (9/12/10)
2001 Hikes
Aug 6th - Mt. Tallac Hike with O'Conners
August - Flume Trail Hike

1994 Hikes
August - Tahoe to Yosemite Hike