The Pali's - Post 2006 Christmas Card|
2006 zipped by pretty quick didn't it???? We're still ticking, so it must have been a good one! As always, if you want to get more updated on how the Palis (Pat & Ali) are doing check out our website "" or you can email us at " Let's see...highlights of the year 2006; well, Ali tried the retirement thing and didn't like it. She tried it from May to November and said forget this. She's back working with Bally Fitness at the Blackhawk Club (with all the rich people) and just loves it. She works too much, but is real happy. Her family is doing well and we just got back from a great Christmas Eve with her sisters, mom, and dad. Ali is still the greatest grandma according to the grand kids and she's still playing tennis and softball. Best of all she puts up with Pat....Pat? - Now there's a project. He's still trying to pretend like he's a grown-up but is failing miserably. He continues to try and be a surfer when the Palis are over in Hawaii. Tries to still be a skier/snow boarder in Tahoe. He falls a lot at both sports but still gets up. He just gets up a little slower each time. He's still pretending to be a teacher at Las Positas College and keeps getting asked, "When are you going to retire?"...he's not sure. Still likes those students each year and still feels like he's helping them. His brother, Mickey is fine and just turned 62. His kids are all hanging in there too. First daughter Tammy (41) is the "too many irons in the fire" full time mom but like Ali, loves being busy. Sons Reed (5)(and in Kindergarten) and Cole (2) are the best and are a real treat for the whole family. Her hubby Pat is still making people lots of money with his investments. Second daughter Nechia and her family are doing great. She's still teaching, but is thinking about becoming an athletic director at a new high school opening up in the area. Pat tried to warn her about the stress of administration but she likes the challenge. Maybe it's because she turned 40 this year and is getting senile too. Her hubby Dan is working hard and being the proud parent of a nationally ranked pole-vaulter. Justin (16) has cleared 15'6" and is still soaring. Little Carlyn (11) is not so little, is in sixth grade and attending the school where he mom teaches. The oldest granddaughter Heather (18) has graduated from high school and is attending college. She will begin dual enrollment in a beauty college in 2007 to get more involved in something she has always wanted to do...make people look better. Graduating at the same time was Pat's nephew Javan from the University of Colorado and is now an auditor with the federal government. Son Jeff (38) is still living in So Cal. His wife Shellie is getting promoted all the time with her job at Wells Fargo. Their kids Zack (15) and Meahgan (14) are doing great. OK that should catch everyone up on family matters. Major events for the year of 2006 were Pat's 60th birthday bash, Ali and Pat trying retirement in the islands, Colorado, and Tahoe. Really all they did is work on rentals and do lots of manual labor. Pat's been trying to run competitively in road races but it's Ali who's been taking home the medals. It's great having age groups in these races to make you feel like you're still an athlete. Plans for 2007 will be the same. Stay Alive! (that's important at our age) and have more fun with lots of family and friends! That would be people like you. So don't let 2007 go by without joining us for some of the fun. OK maybe we're desperate and just need you to contact us, but we don't care.
We just love you all...... Aloha from the Palis

Pat's 60th birthday gang in Dublin
................................................................................... The Palis at their Pad in Hawaii

Pat with surfers Cole and Reed / Pat's 60th bash in the islands / The hawaii gang reunion in Reno/Lake Tahoe

Croquet Party 2006 ........................... Javan and his Sweetie ............... Ali's family at the Bunko Party

..The Pohls: Zack, Jeff, Shellie, Meahgan / The Millers: Dan, Justin, Heather, Carlyn, Nechia / The Gaynors: Pat, Cole, Tammy, Reed