The Pali's - Post Christmas Card - Card
"2007 was an Enchanted Year"
This is a story about a princess named Alida. Unfortunately Alida has no prince in this story; just an Ogre named Pat. They still reside in the green hills of Dublin & have fairy tale adventures throughout the year. In the winter months they slip away to their snowy place "Narnia-Tahoe". Then in spring they watch flowers & grandchildren sprout. In early summer months they become pirates & hide out in their island paradise attending the dollar movie shows & enjoying sunsets…not that the Ogre is cheap, just very frugal. In fall the Ogre returns to his trade as a Wizard at the college & Princess Alida is continually helping the peasants in the club of fitness. Of course the Princess never gets any older, she just keeps celebrating her 39th birthday over and over again. This year she had Alice & friends over & played croquet in Wonderland. We also did a Magical Mardi Gras Party with a real live Louisiana petting zoo. Ogre and the Princess are still running road races and trying to stay healthy. The year ended with a trip from our magical kingdom to the other magical kingdom in Orlando. All our royal families are wonderful. Tammy's brotherhood is living the good life without any problems of Dragons. Her three boys are all doing well (we include Squire Pat with Reed & Cole as her lads). Nechia's clan has no spells cast upon them. Daughter Heather will be 20 (No Way…. Yes-Way). Knight Dan is really enjoying his proud fatherhood role over Justin who leaps over the pole vault bar like an arrow shot from a crossbow & is looking forward to the upcoming track & field season. Carlyn, while only 12 years old, is very wise for her age and must be forgetting Peter Pan's advice to Wendy. Son Jeff is under a spell and wanders in the southern forest…Yet his fair maiden Shellie is holding down the Castle with her two pages: Zack & Meaghan. Zack can now legally maneuver a traveling vehicle; while his sister Meaghan works at an animal repair shoppe & hopes someday to play & sing with her friends of the forest as her chosen profession, just like Sleeping Beauty. The Ogre's brother Sir Mickey "the Mouse" is enjoying life in the southern province with his Princess Di. He received a visit from his daughter Annie who resides Terabethia, along with her young lass named Sage. The Mouse's son Javan is doing well in the mountains of the Rockies & has moved to a village called Denver. Princess Alida's family is doing magnificently. Her "non-mean & un-step" sisters (Denise, Dallas, & Jenny) are all doing very well with their large bands. There have been many Grand Balls held at Dallas beautiful castle. King James & Queen Edel are ruling the Modesto Kingdom with kindness & love. The Hawaii Gang Christmas Mini Reunion was held at the Narnia/Tahoe place with trolls-wenches, ratbag-knights, and the story wouldn't be complete without a fairy… (Right Mikey?). You know what's really great about this enchanted story? (It's almost over?). Really what's great is the multitude of fantastic friends & family we get to share it with each year. We love you all and leave you with the lyrics from an Abba song: "If you see the wonder… of the fairy tale… you can take the future… even if you fail…"
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