Another Late Christmas Card From The Palis
"It's Good to Know Some Things Never Change "
Let's Get Negative for Once....
That's right, some things never change. 2008 was another year of the same stuff. Fun, Food, Friends, and Family...... doesn't anything change??? Are we sounding a little negative here or what. Well we always seem to recanting the wonderful year we had and making everything sound so great. Well it really isn't that great. Or is it? Let's see.... Pat just finished his last class of teaching and was ready for retirement, but OH... NO... along comes the recession and now we have to keep working for another years or so. That's the bad side of looking at it. The good side is that Pat at least still has a job to go back to in August. (Oh yeah, he's off till then... another one of his bogus leaves. This one is called work load banking. Whatever!). Ali's still loves working at the club and is as happy as a cucumber about the working life extension. In January Pat will move to Tahoe and be stuck in the snow all winter. Again that's the bad news. The good news is Ali will have the garage all to herself and will not need to squeeze in next to Pat's truck. However she will have to drive up each weekend to take care of the big baby (that would be Pat again). The good news is that there will be lots of skiing with the "FOG" group. Fog stands for F#@*ing Old Guys {Gals}). Ali doesn't have four wheel drive so she needs volunteers to take her up each week. Anyone interested? Pat is shooting for his first 100 days of skiing (boarding) season. (Again, what a butt-head). After ski season, Pat's going down to his brother Mickey's house and helping to fix the place up. Sounds fun but remember (staying with the negative theme) their brothers, so after several weeks together, they'll be fighting like cats and dogs. Of course there's kind of a funning visual here. They always fight in sign language, which is pretty funny to watch. Ali will miss this part. Then it's over to Hawaii in mid May to take care of all the problems arising in the islands. The negatives: well there's lots of traffic, crowded surfing conditions, lots of tourists, non changing weather patterns, and we're sure there's more problems to deal with. But again on the positive side: we don't rent a car anymore, Pat's such a bad surfer he doesn't notice the crowds anyway, we are the tourists, and 85 degrees is just right. Back to Tahoe in the summer months of July and August. Again lots of negative here: the altitude, dry air, tight casinos, and cold water (when will they start heating the lake??? What global warming???) The coping stategy here will be to do lots of hiking, biking, and running to adjust for the altitude problem, take lots of jacuzzis for the dry air, not gamble, and start a polar bear swim club up in the mountains. Again, Ali will have to come up as much as possible to deal with the spoiled brat-Pat. Again you all could help out here with baby sitting Pat for her. She'll still come up because.... well because, it's just fun up there. The autumn is the real bad deal. We haven't got anything planned yet cause where not sure what the jobs will be like. Is Pat going back to work??? Is Ali's club going to still be around???? What to do? Anyway we still want to wish everyone a great upcoming 2009. We really didn't tell you what went on in 08 with us, but that's what the Pali Blog is for. Just go to "thepalis.com" and then go to "ARCHIVES", click on 2008 and explore. So ending with the whole negative theme again, we'd like to say Life Sucks! So staying with our Pali saying: "Life's an Attitude, Make it a Good One..." We say: Get a big straw....

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