Pali-2009 This is our downsized version. Below this shorten version is the original one we wrote but did not send out

We know the Pali’s post Christmas Card is a little later than normal. Our theme this year is to downsize. This includes our Pali newsletter as well. Even our cards are small!! We’re looking forward to 2010 and our big changes. These changes include Ali trying a sabbatical and living full time with Pat in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii (poor Ali). She already has 17 days of skiing in and is doing well in the cold of winter in Tahoe. Pat did get in his 100 days of skiing and surfing in 2009. Ali and Pat’s families are both doing very well. You can see pictures and info on all the family activities by visiting the Paliwebpage at thepalis.com. One unusual story from the year 2009 was Pat’s son Jeff and grandson Zack (Jeff’s son) both joined the Army. They both ended up going in on the same date and to the same basic training facility in Kentucky.
We hope your holidays were happy & we wish you a great 2010...Love, Pali’
Our emails have changed to thepalis.ali@gmail.com and thepalis.pat@gmail.com. Cells #‘s = 925-577-7254 (Ali) & 925-577-7255 (Pat)


The original version
Another Late Post-Christmas Card From The Palis
2009 has flown by and the Palis have survived. Financially it suck for everyone and so it was for us too. While the money wasn't good the health stuff is good. Pat did have his first two operations in his life. A minor knee and hand operation. Ali had some minor stuff too. We're fine but we hope this isn't a sign of things to come. We both know that getting old isn't for sissies. Well anyway Ali is still having to put up with Pat. This year was a little easier since Pat retired. Pat met his goal of a 100 days of skiing followed by a 100 days of surfing. So he was gone alot. He stayed in the Tahoe condo for the winter and Ali came up many of the weekends. And she made it over to Hawaii a couple of times for his surfing days. Ali will not be retiring for the 2010 upcoming year. She is taking a sabbatical leave for a year. We cant' call it retirement. We'll have to see if she can really give up work and have to put up with Pat full time. Some of the highlights of the year can always be found on the Paliwebpage (thepalis.com). To update you on the kids: Daughter Tammy's clan (the Gaynors) are doing great. Pat Gaynor is still wrestling with the stockmarket, the kids Reed (8) and Cole (5) are doing great. They skiied more this year with "Papa" and surfed in Hawaii with him. They ended the year off with a trip and cruise in Orlando. Other daughter Nechia is still working as PE teacher at the high school and Hubby Dan is still building houses. Even in this recession. The Miller kids are doing fine too. Heather (21) is a hairstylist with a growing clientel. She moved out to a small ranch in the hills of San Ramon with boyfriend Steve and is loving it. Justin (19) is in his second year at Cal and plans on tearing up the polevault world this spring. Carlyn (14) is now in high school and played volleyball (Gee, What a surprise!) She will follow in her brother's footsteps and polevault this spring on the track team. Daughter-in-law Shellie is still the single mom with kids: Zack (18) and Meaghan (17). Sadly the divorce with husband Jeff Pohl went through this year, but both are moving on. In fact Jeff will now be going into the Army. Yes, at the age of 40 Jeff will be going in Jan. 4th along with his son Zack. They both go in the same day and both are going to the same basic training camp in Kentucky. Now that's a story. Meaghan is finishing high school this year and still continues to work many hours at the animal hospital she's been at for several years. Ali's side of the family are doing well. While dad is still in an assisted living facility in Modesto, mom, Edel still remains very active and is doing well. Sisters: Dallas, Denise, and Jennifer are all going strong and the sisters get together on a regular basis. Mickey (Pat's brother) is healing up well after some stints in the heart. He is back to work and is living in So Cal with long time friend Nanette. We had a great family reunion(s) in Minnesota and one in Santa Monica. Ali also went to her 40th high school reunion in Modesto, while Pat went to his 45th reunion in Newport Beach. We lost our wonderful Aunt Joanie this year and our dear friend in Tahoe, Ted "Boz" Bosovitch. The Palis haven't figured out what 2010 will be like, but the Palis will reside in Tahoe for the winter and summer and will be in Hawaii in the spring and autumn. We've rented out the Dublin home for a year. Our emails will be changing and the home phone is no longer there. Again it is much easier to direct you all to thepalis.com to see all the photos and highlights of the year. we've expanded and added new segments to the paliwebpage like history and philosophy segments. Look under "special things".They (the photos) make us look like we're having so much fun. We look at them all the time just to convince ourselves that we really are having that much fun. Just go to "thepalis.com" and then click "archives" then " 2009" and then see all the photos and stories of the year. We wish you all a great upcoming 2010 and hope you'll keep in contact with us. Better yet, come play with us. The new email addresses are: thepali.ali@gmail.com and thepalis.pat@gmail.com.