2010 - The Annual Late Christmas Card From The Palis

We had to bend our rule this year about the Pali Post Christmas Card. We are still sending them out in January because we can take advantage of the 50% off deals after Christmas, and you'll notice this card more because it comes a month after the flood of Xmas cards you got last month, but we usually only send them out to those who sent us cards. This may be a big problems since most of you don't know what our address is or where we are living at the moment. So you are getting the Pali Post Christmas Card whether you want it or not. By the way our mailing addresses are: Winters and Summers in Tahoe (3617 Spruce Ave, So. Lake Tahoe, Ca. 96150) and Springs and Autumns in Hawaii (3131 Pualei Circle #2, Honolulu, Hi 96815) Our cell phones remain the same: Ali–925-577-7254. Pat-925-577-7255. Our emails are thepalis.pat@gmail.com & thepalis.ali@gmail.com. Of course the Paliwebpage/Blog is still "thepalis.com", you can catch up on all Pat & Ali's adventures via the website with photos, stories, & more.

This was the first year of both Ali & Pat being retired full time. Imagine them having to see each other, day after day... all day long.... everyday... do you see where this going... It was challenging, but somehow Pat & Ali are still the best of friends. This was much easier for Pat than it was for Ali. Ali's kind of fun to be around as all of you know. Pat's not. Pat did have some health problems this year. For a guy who never went to a hospital or even took an aspirin for a headache he made up for it this year having knee surgery, hand surgery, a colenoscopy, three ulcers, and an angiogram. He survived it all and now has a shoe box full of pills he has to remember to take. Ali on the other hand is doing well with her health. She is still trying to adjust to not working full time. She likes not working, but misses work. If that makes any sense. She lost her father "Jim" this year. He was 90 and had a good life. The rest of Ali's clan is doing well. She visits her mom and sisters in Modesto and we just had Thanksgiving dinner at her mom's and Christmas Eve Dinner at sister's Dallas and Garrad's place. Pat's family are all doing well. His son Jeff and his grandson Zack both joined the Army to serve their country. Jeff is stationed in Germany and Zack is in Iraq. Hopefully Jeff won't be going off to Afghanistan in the near future. Please keep them in your prayers. By the way Jeff got married to Angel. His daughter Meahgan (18) is working full time at a veterinarian and will try to snowboard more often with her mom Shellie this year. Pat's daughters Tammy Gaynor and Nechia Miller are both doing well. Tammy is going for "Mom of the Year" with her two boys: Cole (6) and Reed (9). Her husband Pat is still weathering the financial world and being the "Dad of the Year" with coaching soccer. They are doing all the sports things, educational things, and just being the great All-American family. Nechia is still teaching high school PE on a banged up knee. She hosted another great Turkey Bowl this year. Husband Dan is staying busy with his work even though the construction industry is down. Their children Heather (22) is working full time as a hair stylist and lives on a ranch in San Ramon with her boyfriend Steve. They're planning on snowboarding more this year with us also. Justin the pole vaulter be attending Cabot College this semester and hopefully will vault for the Gladiators this year and will return to another four year school next year. Carlyn is 15 and is doing very well. Pat lost someone this year too. Pat's first mother-in-law, Eva Lou passed away in August. She was a great women and had a great influence upon Pat. There is a new side to the Palis' family. It's our extended families. We have always had the Hawaii Reunion Gang extended family which had a great reunion in Savannah, Georgia this year. And we attended another Ahern family reunion in So Cal this last summer. But our Lake Tahoe family has grown and become an invaluable part of our life. We also have a extended family in Hawaii. We still keep in touch with our past Dublin neighbors like Ray and Eileen and with our old Livermore neighbors especially Nancy and Rich. We also had a great trip back east to Philadelphia with our ski friends Wolfgang and Kathy. As usual this newsletter is too long but check out the website for more info. We truly feel blessed with all of our families and friends You guys are the best! We love you all and hope you all have a great 2011.

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have a great 2011 – love from the Palis

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