The Annual Late Post Christmas Card From The Palis for the 2011 Year!

We made it through another year. No one warned us about this retirement. There's no days off. But were adjusting. Pat better than Ali, but she's starting to get the knack of it. We are still splitting time between Tahoe and Hawaii. We also celebrated 26 years together. Below is a quick update on the family for 2011 but you can always go to the paliwebpage/blog ( and see hundreds of photos and stories. Tammy (46) soccer mom extraordinaire married to Pat (confusing, I know) with two great boys Reed (10) and Cole (7). Nechia (45) married to Dan (not so confusing) with three older children. The only one still at home is Carlyn (16). Yikes, she's driving! Heather (23) is a stylist. Justin (21) is tending bar. Jeff (42) is serving his country and is stationed in Germany with his wife Angel. His son Zack just got back from Iraq and is stationed in Texas. Meaghan (19) still working for the vet and their mom Shellie is working in Walnut Creek. Pat's brother Mickey is still working as a carpenter in So Cal and doing well. His son Javan lives in Denver, Co. He will visit his favorite uncle this winter in Tahoe. His sister Annie is serving her country also and is stationed in Alaska with daughter Sage. Ali's mom is still kicking up her hills in Modesto. Her three sisters are all doing well. Jenney is still teaching in Sacramento. Denise and Bob are adjusting to retirement too. Dallas and Garrad are running Modesto (no really, he's hoping to be the mayor of Modesto). We had a great Christmas Eve dinner with all of them. As usual it was first class. Pat still pursues his goals of skiing a 100 days and surfing a 100 days each year. He’s augmented his activities with biking, hiking, dancing, and chasing Ali around the house. Ali's pursues her goal of putting up with Pat a 100 days a year. The other 265 she tries to avoid him. (just kidding). We did do our Orlando trip again this year. Pat and Ali are still doing lots of things with the Lake Tahoe Gang (these are people who refuse to grow up). Again photos on the website will be much more informative. And of course all of you are our best family and friends. We hope you have a great 2012 and hope you find time to come play with us or at least keep us in your thought. We are all tied together through our webpage, facebook, emails, phone calls, and most of all we’re connected in our hearts and souls. We love you all.... Luv from the Palis

Pat and Ali / Zack, Justin, Nechia, Dan, Heather, Carlyn / Cole, Pat, Reed, Tammy / Meaghan / Jeff and Angel/ Javan & Mickey

Dallas, Ali, Mom (Edel), Denise, and Jenny