The Annual Post Christmas Newsletter from the Palis for the 2013 Year!

Another year down and again we're not sending out the Pali Post Christmas Cards. Hopefully everyone checks out our website to get the update on what happened this past year. The big news is we became Great-Grand Parents this year. We've always thought we were "great" grandparents but now we are offically great grandparents thanks to our granddaughter Meaghan. Another big news item was that Ali went back to work. She helps run a very nice Lodge which is only about 75 yards from our condo. She didn't take to retirement very well, but now is back to being the happy working too much Ali again. We did our normal thing of splitting time between Lake Tahoe and Hawaii, with a couple of trips to the bay area and Modesto to connect with family. We also did our bi-annual trip to Orlando this year and actually got to have a conversation with Mickey Mouse. It's amazing what they can do with technology now days. Pat did his 100 days of surfing and skiing along with climbing Mt. Whitney for the second time. He also caught his first overhead wave in Hawaii. He successfully rode it but doesn't know if he'll ever want to do that again. It was the excitment or fear that made his heart race a thousand miles an hour. Still doing lots of hikes and bike rides too. To catch you up with the family starting with the kids: Jeff is out of the Army and living with his wife Angel in Costa Mesa, Ca. Guess he had to return to his roots. Nechia is the Athletic Director at her school. I guess she's doing OK with the stress that comes along with being an administator. Husband Dan is still working in the construction industry. Mostly office work and less of going out to the jobs. Tammy is working at St. Raymonds School and still doing the Soccer Mom thing. Husband Pat is challenged by the stock market but surviving and doing well. As for the grandkids: Heather (25) is still doing the hair styling thing and now along with her sister Carlyn (18). Carlyn graduated from High School and from Beauty School. We got to have her for three weeks in Hawaii before she went off to full time work. Their brother Justin (23) isn't pole vaulting anymore but he is sailing through the skies via a kite. He works full time as a bar tender now. Reed (12) and Cole (8) are doing well. Reed switched over to public school and is loving the 7th grade. Cole loves being the only Gaynor at St. Raymonds. Both are heavy into sports and doing very well. Zack (22) and Meaghan (21) are living with their mom Shellie in Pleasant Hill. Zack is out of the Army too and safely back from Iraq and going to College. He works part time at Toys or Us. He's sister Meaghan and Anthony are the proud of Deegan. He's the first great grandchild of the family. On Ali's side we have her mom Edel who just celebrated her 89th birthday this month (Dec) and we got to visit with all the cousins, nephews and neicesat the party. Her sisters Jennifer, Dallas, and Denise are all doing well. We will be celebrating Christmas Eve at Dallas and Garrad's Home again. Our extended family in Lake Tahoe is still doing amazing things for such old farts. Besides the Taco Tuesdays thoughout the year this group did some impressive hikes, bikes, ski days, and climbs. Our family in Hawaii is still going strong and we got in many more days of tennis both in Hawaii and Lake Tahoe. Ali is still being chase by a lot of the guys who can't seem to beat her. Anyone who has played Ali knows it like playing against the wall. She never seems to miss. We both welcome this because the year before after both of us had knee surgeries we could barely take a step in either direction on a court. Now Ali is scooting all around that court. We hope you upcoming holidays and 2014 will be wonderful. We're just happy to be vertical still. Maybe come play with us this next year. We always have an extra room for you in Tahoe or Hawaii. And of course if you ever want to see what we're up to you can always check out our website where we post pictures and stories almost everyday ( We're also on Facebook too. Have a great New Year and we love you.....

Pat with Deegan / Ali back to work at Deerfield Lodge / Pat climbing Mt. Whitney for the second time

Pat being Pat / Our conversation with Mickey Mouse / Pat's trophy wife "Ali"