The Annual Post Christmas Newsletter from the Palis for the 2014 Year!

Another year down and again we're not sending out the Pali Post Christmas Cards through snail mail anymore. Just this newsletter on our website is our meger effort to keep you updated and share the Christmas Joy. Hopefully you're checking our webpage daily to see what's happening with us. Everybody's doing it..... NOT!

(If you don't know why it's called "Post Christmas Card", it's because Pat started the tradition back in the 80's. He sent them out after Christmas because cards were 70% off & you were more likely to notice this card because it didn't come with all of the other cards. Also we could respond to your card more personally)

We're still doing our back and forth trips between Tahoe and Hawaii. This year we squeezed in mini trips to Vegas, Carmel, and Nashville. We still make it down to our old stomping grounds in the Bay Area several times a year to witness how fast kids can grow. This past year Ali went to her 45th High School Reunion in Modesto and Pat went to his 50th High School Reunion in Newport Beach. All were very fun trips. On the down side we lost Ali's mother Edel this spring. She was almost 90 and went very peacefully with all her daughters by her side. Ali and her sisters did a "girls" summer trip to Minnesota to spread her ashes. As for the youngin' in our family: Tammy and Pat are still trying to keep up with their boys Reed (13) and Cole (10). They are Super Kids. Nechia and Danny are starting to experience the "empty nest" stages except that it's not totally empty yet. Their kids: Heather (26), Justin (24), and Carlyn (19) are all working hard at their jobs. Jeff and Angel are in SoCal trying to adjust to civilian life after his stint in the Army. Jeff is out of the Army now as is his son Zack. Zack (23) is living with his sister Meaghan (22) and his mom Shelly and his nephew Deeghan (1). Meaghan and Heather are both engaged to be married this year. Steve proposed to Heather over the phone (No, it was really a very cute and romantic prank he pulled on Heather. He called her to ask her to look in a drawer for something he had forgot and as he guided her, she found the ring in the drawer. Louie proposed to Meaghan and presented her with a beautiful ring also. Louie and his daughter Savanah (9) also live in the Pleasant Hill Home. It's what we call the "Great" Great-Grand-Kid Family household. Both of our extended families in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii are keeping us busy and maybe getting us to eat too much with all the potlucks. Thank Goodness they're an active group of old farts. We sure have a lot of fun together with them. It's like being kids all over again. We can hardly wait to wake up the next morning to go out and play together (ski, surf, hike, bike, play tennis, etc.) Ali still working at her lodge...sort of. It burned down this last August and fortunately the owners own two places in Tahoe, so she is staying busy at the Alder Inn while Deerfield Lodge will be rebuilt. No one figured out that it was Pat who burned it down. He was just trying to get Ali to work less..... NOT! Well that should catch you up on everyone and everything. As always, we invite you all to come play with us in Tahoe or Hawaii. We started to shrink the photos down for this newsletter, but then we realized we're not sending them out on a sheet of paper anymore. So we can make them as big as we want and include as many as we want because it's on the webpage. Technology is so great.
Have a Great 2015 - Luv from the Palis
Photos from Turkey Bowl 2014: Carlyn Steve, Deegan, Chevy (dog), Heather / Carlyn and Nechia

The Great Grand Son and the "Great" Great Grand Dad / "Great" Great Grand Mom and Great Grand Son
Justin / Heather and her dad, Danny / Pat and Meaghan (she made Pat a Great Grand Dad)

Tammy and Cole at Christmas Eve Dinner / Reed and his Dad (Pat) Singing after the dinner

Ali and her sisters: Jenny, Denise, and Dallas / Cole, Tammy, Reed, and Nechia snuggling

Reed, Carlyn, Deegan, Nancy, Meaghan, Sharon, and Louie / Reed and Cole the hoopsters

Zack looking good / Pat with his first child, grandchild, and great grandchild

Memphis/Nashville trip with the Hawaii Reunion Gang / Pat and Ali on stage at the Grand Ole Opry
The Minnesota Trip (a town named after Ali) For those who don't know Ali's full name is Alida

Vegas Trip and Carmel Trip

They grow up too fast