The Annual Post Christmas Newsletter for the 2015 Year!

Another 2015-Pali-Newsletter Another year down and weíre still alive and well. We hope that 2016 will be another good one and hopefully well see 2017. One of the highlights that happened in 2015 for the Palis was our oldest grand daughter Heather got married to long time boyfriend Steve. They had a western style wedding on a ranch and it was lots of fun. To catch you with family: Aliís three sisters are all doing well in Modesto. Dallas and her husband Mayor Garrad Marsh are doing nice thing for the city and itís people. Itís nice to have a good and honest politician. Denise and Bob have a retreat cabin in the mountains and Jennifer is now officially retired and keeping the Kadry Home going. Ali is still working and her hotel is almost finished being rebuilt from last yearís fire. Pat continues to do his skiing, surfing, hiking, biking, running, along with helping complete projects like building a friendís new garage, put down new laminate flooring for the Hawaii condo, and other projects that seem to come along. Pat had to do the Orlando trip this year without Ali but his daughters Tammy and Nechia helped him along with this bi-annual tradition. There are photos and stories of all these events on the paliwebpage ( and when you have a little time on your hands, please check out the webpage to catch up on our activities. As for Patís family: Tammy and her husband Pat are doing an excellent job with their two boys Reed (14) and Cole (11). Reed is a freshman at Dublin High School and went out for football this year and had some great success. By the way, heís the first grandchild to play football to help carry on that tradition. Cole is tearing up the soccer field and both are doing very well in school but baseball is their favorite sport. Tammy is also working part-time. Nechia is still running the Dougherty Valley High School Athletic programs and Dan is still building beautiful homes and buildings in the area. Heather, I mean Mrs. Haffner is doing well. They had a great honeymoon in Hawaii. Her brother Justin is working and taking classes to get his degree finished up. Heís skydiving a lot too. Must be what old pole-vaulters do to continue on. Carlyn has decided to go back to college and pursue a career in teaching/coaching. She coached a high school volleyball team this year and we now refer to her as Coach Carlyn. Jeff and his wife Angel are still living in Costa Mesa. Unfortunately Jeff is dealing with some health issues, but seems to be getting through the chemo treatments OK. Just this last week Pat was down visiting Jeff and his son Zack was also there. We all went to see the new Star Wars movie. Pat took Jeff back in 1977 to see the first one. It was pretty cool to keep this tradition going. Zack made the Orlando trip this year too and saved us tons of money on tickets. (Military discount) Jeffís daughter Meaghan is still finishing up school for her dental profession and her son Deegan is two years old now. Pat had his brother Mickey come up several times to ski this past year for his 70th birthday celebration and just a couple of days ago Mickey inherited Patís Tundra. Pat and Ali splurged and bought a new Chevy truck. Other Pali adventures were some trips to Vegas and a trip to New York. We were there when the Pope was there. We went to St. Patrickís Cathedral, he went there, we went to Central Park, he went there, we went to the 9-11 memorial, he went there. If he went to go see the Lion King, then we know that he was stalking us. Looks like we going to have a great winter with snow falling everywhere here in Tahoe. Weíll head back to Hawaii in the Spring right after the family reunion scheduled for April 30th in Tahoe. We hope you not only check out our webpage but become a part of it by visiting us in Tahoe or Hawaii. Have a great 2016. Love to all of you.
Ali with the Bear Necessities of Life / Pat and Ali tennis bums / Cole and Deegan at halftime / Reed and Papa

Palis in Vegas / Orlando 1: Carlyn, Nechia, Pat, and Zack / Orlando 2: Pat, Tammy, Cole, Carlyn, and Zack
The Wedding: Carlyn, Justin, Nechia, Heather, Dan, Ali, and Pat / Zack, Pat, Cole, and Reed
Meahgan doing her thing / Heather and Steve on their Honeymoon

New York, New York

Mickey and Pat who took 62nd and 63rd out of 63 in 1960 Tahoe's eight grade ski competition, return to ski again

Rollerbladers extrodinaire / Deegan the sleigher

Pat with Jeff, Zack, and Angel at the Star War's Movie / Papa and Zack hit Las Vegas