The Annual Post Christmas Newsletter for the 2016 Year!

Wow, time really does fly by. 2016 was a crazy year. Unfortunately it was a sad year as well. We lost our son Jeff to cancer in May. He was 46. Click here for Jeff's Tribute Page. Well the Palis are still living in Hawaii in the Springs and Autumns and in Lake Tahoe in the Winters and Summers. Ali is still working at the Deerfield Lodge where we had Pat's 70th Birthday Party (click here for photos). Special thanks to Tammy, Nechia, Ali, Dan, for their hard work to make this happen and to all the many people I consider good friends and family for being there for me throughout my life. That's right, Pat's officially really old now, but still moving. Ali's on Medicare. Wow!
Both Ali and Pat's clans are doing well. Ali gets together with her sisters periodically and Pat see's his brother Mickey here and there. The grandkids are all doing well. Heather (28) is living with her husband Steve on a ranch in San Ramon. Justin (27) is building a tiny house to live in and working as the tech guy at Douherty Valley High School. Zack (26) is still doing Army stuff and going to school. Meaghan (25) and her son Deegan (3) are doing well as she is going to school also and doing her dental thing. Carlyn (21) has moved up to Tahoe and is going to college to get her degree so she can make the fouth generation of PE teachers in the family. It's kind of fun having someone young living with us. Reed the honor student-athlete at Dublin High School is doing well (click here for his football photos and videos). And finally Cole (12) is in middle school doing well. He was the outstanding student of the quarter. He sure didn't get that from me. LOL. Tammy (51) still being Parent of the Year and her husband Pat holding down a couple of jobs. Nechia (50) still the Athletic Director at her school and husband Dan is working on a big construction project in San Francisco. (Yuck. Bad commute). Our extended familiies in both Hawaii and Lake Tahoe keep us busy and we're having lots of fun. Remember, there's two things in life that bring you happiness: (1) connectivity with people (friends and family) and (2) doing good things for those people. Let's hope 2017 will be another good year and we all do those two things to bring happiness into our lives and into those who we love so much.
LOL = Lots of Love
LOL from the Palis to you.