The 2000-2001 Pali Annual Post Christmas Card

2001! WOW! We're starting to hear that music from Space Odessy 2001 again. Well, another year down in the Pat & Ali saga. The Palis are still hanging in there. We thought we might be slowing down a little, but when you're over the hill and going downhill, you pick up speed. To really get the whole picture on our 2000 year, check the paliwebpage For you first timers getting a post xmas card, well, you're really getting it early. Keeping with the frugal theme of the Pali Post Christmas Card: which is trying to save on the ½ off Xmas card deals, the uniqueness (lateness) of getting a card way after Xmas, and letting us respond individually to you all, this year we added "hurrying up to beat the raise in postage on Jan 3rd " as another consideration. Boy are we cheap or what?
Pat's kid's are doing well. Let's see…. What's up???? Hmmm… Oh, did we mention that Tammy will be having a baby boy in February!!!! That's right! Tammy leaves the status of Auntie Tammy to MOMMY TAMMY! What's really confusing is Pat's the father. No, not that Pat, the other Pat. That's right, the "Kid" (Pat Gaynor) who made last year's newsletter in his rookie year, now shares the big spotlight with Tammy. Next week they move into their new home. As Tammy says, "Stress, what stress???" Nechia and Dan are doing really well. Nechia switched schools. She's now teaching at a new school in San Ramon and lives only about a mile from work. Their kids, Heather (12), Justin (10), and Carlyn (5) are doing great with school and youth sports. The whole family went to Paris & Amsterdam last summer with the help of their Uncle Brian. It was a wonderful trip. Nechia loves having summers off as a teacher to enjoy her kids. They all went to Kansas last week to spend Christmas with Dan's family. Jeff and Shellie still are doing well in Medford, Oregon. Their son Zack (9) is doing well in school and sports also and his sister Meghan is great. Shellie just got a new car. Pat's mom's living with Mickey in SoCal and both are doing fine. Go Nana! Pat and Ali did get to have Xmas dinner with her along with a surf trip to Newport.
As for Ali's side, the Palis spent Xmas eve with Ali's Parents (Jim & Edel). Great food, and lots of nieces and nephews. With free time, Ali gets to sneak over to Modesto and see the family more often (sisters are doing great). Yes, free time. Ali truly is a role model for the rest of us on how to adjust. If some of you are worried about what to do after working, Ali has a great recipe. It's simple……have fun and keep moving. She goes on fun trips, plays lots of tennis, was Carlyn's partner in crime last spring, and became an expert carpenter this last year. She still is having trouble adjusting to some of the changes like not having the cleaning lady!! But we have a butler named Higgins now. Riki the cat is fine also. Overall the Palis had another good year. The high points were: a great ski season, a holiday in Hawaii in May/June, being amateur carpenters in fixing up the condo's, home, and much more. Check the webpage!
2001 should be a great year. All the condos are rented this winter to get the extra money to fix up the new larger condo. We miss Tahoe, but will still sneak up there somehow. Ali and Pat will ski next week and the "Boys of Tahoe" will return for their annual trip on Feb 1st. In spring, the plan is to visit Bryce Canyon and hopefully a return trip to Hawaii in May. Summer: condo work & play. Ali's thinking of going back to work for the extra income. Pat's thinking, we like being poor and happy. But whatever comes, we'll hopefully laugh a lot, and that's what's really important!! Keep laughing…Love from the Pali's

……Higgins …………… ..............……..…Justin, Carlyn, Heather, Meghan, Zack…………………….……….Pat and Ali….the Pali's