The 2003 Pali Annual Post Christmas Card

Well, since the last newsletter we blah, blah-ed some more. OK, so we can't do another blah, blah-Pali Post Christmas Card again. We got too many complaints from last year. We thought it was a pretty funny idea. Anyway the main event of the year was the Pali new room addition. It over took Pat. He became obsessed. It nearly ruined him and Ali. But it's almost done. Thanks to son-in-laws Pat & especially Dan. There were others that helped, neighbors Ray, Ray, Mikey, Tammy, & Johnnie too. Pat…. A new son-in-law? What's up with this?
That's Right. Pat made Tammy a legal women this year. And Reed's not a b…, oh never mind. They eloped to a beautiful Half Moon Bay weekend retreat. Nechia's coaching debut resurrected the California High Volleyball program. Grand kids are doing well also. We ended the year with a trip to Disney World. Jeff & Shellie took their kids to Disneyland as Jeff's working again in So Cal. Nana moved back to brother Mickey's for the winter. Had a little scare at Christmas, but she's tough and pulled through. Ali's family doing great with Brother-in- law Garrad wining his bid to city council in Modesto. Javan Pohl doing an awesome job in college and holding down the Colorado house. This was a Pali Tahoe condo exchanged purchased made last Feburary. Pat will be taking this winter semester off from work. He plans to do some "snow" research in Tahoe. Ali will have to get another job so he can be a ski bum. By the way, she did receive "employee of the world" again at Bally's. The Palis went to the Minnesotareunion this last summer. Yeah, you betcha! This May we are going to Hawaii to see if the Pali Tahoe condo exchange works in the islands like it did in Colorado. Next project, kitchen remodel & patio deck. Don't kill yourself Pat! Stay calm Ali! Happy Holidays! Have a great 2004…………Hugs and Kisses from the Palis!!!!!

Turkey Bowl 2003 Room Addition The Millers
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