The 1998-99 "Pali" Post Christmas Card

Wow! Another year zips by and there seems to be no slowing down. It reminds us of that old saying, "we may be over the hill, but we're picking up speed on the down hill." This year, beside sending you the 1/2 off discounted post christmas cards, we just beat the postal rate increase. How's that with keeping with the "Parsimonious Pali Pattern". 1998 was an eventful year. As many of you know already, "Pali" (Pat and Ali) became official on April Fools Day. Or did they??? Is this just another April Fool's trick???? No, we really did get married and Ali's expecting twins. OK, no twins, but check out the photo. She was only married for 5 minutes and she already has 5 grandkids. We still have Riki the cat living at home. We think she's been seeing some cat on the side and we're hoping she'll elope. She's become a lot more affectionate since Gigi and Sasha have gone to puppy heaven. The most important thing is that we are all in good health. Ali hates for me to brag, but she was awesome during this cancer thing. She just plain "Kicked Ass" on it. All her hair grew back. Pat's is growing back also, but just not on his head (nose, ears, back, etc.) He continues to play with his hobbies of surfing, skiing, and wind surfing. He's not very good at any of these activities, but he's having a lot of fun being a goob. Ali's still playing tennis and has taken up rollerblading (she has the scars to prove it). Since Pat retired from coaching the ultimate teams, he spends a lot of time at the Tahoe condo, which has now multiplied into three places. If you want to use any of them your going to have to call us. That's what we have to do, to keep friends calling. Seriously, if you need a little get away, don't hesitate to give us a ring. The 98' travels of Pali included a long road trip in July to Oregon and Washington. Taking advantage of friends along the way we had a great time. We highly recommend places like Bend (thanks Bob & Nancy), Portland (thanks Diane), and Newport (Pat actually rented a room for a night, the cheap bastard!), Oregon. Port Townsend, Washington was incredible and the Historic Bartlett House (thanks Bob and Linda) was spectacular. Stayed with cousin Dave and Mary in Fortuna, Ca. and the Redwoods were beautiful. The Hawaii gang reunion this year was held in Jackson Hole, Wy. Boy!, another gorgeous place in the world. Ali is still at Schoebers, but with a new and improved attitude about the job and life. The only "bummer" this years (beside losing Sasha) was Pat's mom. She did one of those old lady things. She fell down and couldn't get up. Unfortunately it wasn't in a casino but at her work. Fortunately, she works at a hospital, so they took good care of her. It takes a long time to mend a thigh bone. She's almost ready for bingo trips again. The Pohl kids are doing fine. Jeff and Shellie are still in So-Cal, but are thinking of moving north. He's made his mark in Hollywood and wants to try new things. Tammy recently moved to Walnut Creek into a cute little cottage on two acres. She is still with Kraft Foods, along with two other part time jobs. Busy little girl. Nechia graduated last June and is now teaching PE and is getting a teaching credential. Many thanks for the support from sister Tammy and husband Dan who were great "behind the scene" heroes in Nechia's success. Ali's parents are fine. We spent Christmas with them in Modesto. Boy, can they cook the great meals. Weight loss has becomes a high priority for the New Year's resolutions. Hope 1999 will be filled with Water, Wealth, Health, and Contentment. We don't know what that means, We saw it on the welcome sign when entering Modesto! Have a great 1999.
(Photo Hint: Ages: Heather 10, Justin 8, Zack 7, Meaghan 6, Carlyn 3, Ali 29, Pat 52)

Happy New Year.....Love Pali.