The 1999-2000 Pali Annual Post Christmas Card

Wow, were into the year 2000 !!! Entering a new millennium means making some major resolutions and changes. Pat wanted to have sex changes for the Palis. That way Ali could be called "Al" and Pat could be called….well…."Pat". Ali and Pat's daughter Tammy said that this was not funny and should not be put in this year's newsletter, so I won't put it in. (Pretty tricky, I'm keeping the newsletter classy, but still getting in my sick humor) By the way for you rookies out there that are getting your first Pali Post Christmas Card, it's not late. We send them out after Christmas to take advantage of the ½ price sales on Christmas Cards and you'll notice our card more since it came long after the barrage of Christmas cards last month. Plus we get to personally respond to your cards. Heck we even send cards to some on you who don't send us cards. These individuals must be in a Hall of Fame category instead of the rookie or veteran group???? Examples are like Pat's aunts, his kids, Ali's family and really anyone else who wishes to be an inductee (or has writer's block). OK, enough of the preliminaries. It's 2000 and we have two resolutions. #1 to keep the Pali newsletter short and #2 to have more fun in this millennium. Since we wrote too much already we would like to succinctly state that everyone and everything is great. Anyway a pictures worth a thousand words, so check out the photos. If you really want to get more info on our year, just check out our web page by e-mailing us at and we will send you the web site address. Now that takes care of resolution #1. As for the second resolution….well….Ali has quit her position at Schoebers. She is now working very hard on resolution #2. Give her a call. She really is a lot of fun. Really !!! Love Pat and Ali (Pali)


Love Pat and Ali (Pali)