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Pat's History
A lot of my memories seem to center around my sporting life. I guess it was important to me. I used to tell people that students who came to Las Positas College wouldn't remember a great history lecture they had in their class one day, but would always remember that day they played for the intramural championship in flag football or volleyball or that backpacking trip they took with me. That would be something they would not forget for the rest of their lives. So I apoligize in advance if I left out important things or people in my history stories which always seem to center my recollections with sporting events. I have always loved "just playing." It's exciting. It's what keeps me going today. Someone once said that Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the momments that take our breath away. That's what sports did for me. My main purpose for writing these stories was for my children and grandchildren. If they can learn anything from my past experiences or mistakes and pursue on, then it was worth it. Carry on the tradition and honor of your families. To my students and friends I hope if you read some of these stories you enjoy them and can use them in some way also. Life is a big parade and sometimes if you're really lucky you get to be in the parade. Don't forget to check out Pat's Philosophy too... by the way I would suggest to read the side stories as they pop up. It will give you a better understanding of what was going on. Plus remember I'm not a professional writer...

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