Pat's Clan
Cousins and Aunts
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Pat grew up with several cousins who were always together for Holidays and Special Occasions. His closest cousins were the Arnolds and the Curtis's. Probably because the four Ahern sisters (mom, Joanie, Rita, and Eileen) were closest. The brothers didn't seem to be involved that much with family get togethers. The Arnolds included, David, Michele, and Teri. The Curtis's included Danny, Candi, and Jimmy. Other cousins like Duke and Larry we more distant.

top: Danny, Jimmy, Candi, Pat, Mickey, Michelle, Teri, and David
bottom: Joanie, Mary, Rita, and Eileen

Above you can find David, Michelle, Pat, and Mickey

Michelle, Pat, Mickey, ?, and David (1998)

Danny, David, Pat, Candi, Mickey, and Teri
Cousin Danny Curtis

My Aunts

Rita, Mom, Joan, and Eileen