The misc gang
These members of the Tahoe Family are in need of more photos and more Tahoe Tuesdays
Tom Hughes (Jumbalaya Tom) / Fran and Larry (from Minnesota)

The Brits: Kevin and Colette (from England)
Barbara and Tom (the link between Tahoe Tuesdays and the TRPA)

Ursula or as we call her "Motts Canyon Mama"
Ursula boy friend Bob Tildon, who passed away a while back had a big influence on Pat's style of life

Justin, Pat, and Bob

Mark and Laurie / Carlos

Germaine and Ralph / Ralph and his gang...
Dennis Thorn / Maria and Gabor
Gunther / Cary Button (the official chef)

Bear / Sparky / Katie

Gabor, Andy, Martin, and Norbie / Diana and Gary

Melinda (our Kings IV Manager) / Geoff and Dani (from Arizona)