Pat's Trip to 49 states in 49 days
Before he got started, pat decided he would drive his 1990 Nissan truck which had over 100,000 miles on it. It made it with no problems. He then gave the truck to his brother Mickey who drove it until it had over 400,000 miles with no engine repair or rebuild. What a truck.

One of Pat's Sabbatical Leave projects was to visit other colleges and universities to observe their intramural programs, sport facilities, and observe some ultimate programs and practices. Pat departed California in April and made it to New York on his birthday before returning back across the nation to California again and then catching a plane to Hawaii in May. The only state he didn't make it to was Alaska, which he did the following year. Pat had a couple of special places he had to see and regrets that he missed Niagra Falls and Dollyworld (Branson, Mo.). As you view the photos there will be some stories above or below the photos. Pat didn't have a webpage in those days nor did he take as many pictures. Come on..... he's a guy. If fact it was on the trip that Pat observed the Naval Academy's use of the internet and webpage that gave him the idea to start doing a webpage for his intramural program at Las Positas College. There's another great story from the Naval Academy which will be told down below above the photos. Some of Pat's favorite places were: The Alamo, Nashville, Washington D. C., New York City, Norte Dame, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Annapolis, and Deadwood (he won a big jackpot there). Pat drove his Nissan truck which had over 200,000 miles on it before the trip. What a great country we live in......
After leaving California, Pat zipped passed Nevada to Salt Lake City. From there he went through Wyoming and Colorado. Had to stop at the Air Force Academy.

Then turned south to the four corners and visited the Carlsbad Caverans. Then on to New Mexico. He attended the NIRSA Conference in Alberquerque for a couple of days and hiked in the mountains with colleague Don Nichter from Carlisle, Pa. whom Pat would visit later in this trip.

After leaving the conference, Pat continued on towards Texas and got to see the Alamo, along with some of the universities in Texas. He also got to do the river thing in San Antonio.

From San Antonio, Pat traveled north through Oklahoma. He went through Oklahoma City the day before the big bombing happened. Stayed in Kansas with his son in law's (Dan) parents and then a quick dip into Nebraska and then east and down to Missouri when he stayed with cousin Joan Pohl. Pat has lots of family history in the town of Nevada, Mo. Where everything is made out of "Pohl" bricks. Pat's ancestors made bricks.

Crossing Mo., Pat went to St. Louis and the big Arch and stayed with Clare (a Hawaii Reunion Friend). Ran into a pass student who was the intramural director at St. Louis U.

Then touched Iowa, down to Kentucky and Tennesee, where he visited Graceland. He backtracked to Arkansas and Louisiana. He outraced a tornado through Mississippi (a quick dip down to Florida's panhandle and then began heading up the East Coast). and then back up through Alabama, and finally ended up in Atlanta, Georgia.

Coming up through the Carolinas and then visited with nephew Javan Pohl in Virginia. And then up to Washington DC.

A Great Coaching Story....
After jogging through DC for a day, Pat decided to go to the Naval Academy. While at the academy, Pat was visiting with the two intramural directors and found that they didn't need bulletin boards because everyone of their students had computers and access to the internet. This was 1995 and most people didn't even know what an internet was. It was here that Pat learned of the advantages offered to educators from the technical world of computers. He had a taste of it while getting his doctorate at the University of Utah a decade before. Pat also knew that Navy had an Ultimate Frisbee Team and wanted to know if they had any Ultimate programs going on. It just happened that they were having the Intramural Championship Game that day out on the fields. They took Pat out to the IM fields and while watching the game, Pat noticed some more skilled players warming up at the other end of the massive field area. He walked over towards the athletes and they stopped throwing and walked in a group towards him. "Are you Coach Pohl?" one of the players asked? Shocked and stunned I answered "yes?" Here I was on the other side of the United States and someone know me. "Yes I am, I said again. But how did you know who I was???" You are wearing a Las Positas College sweatshirt and we were told by a former student that you might be coming by this spring. We were national champions several years before and I under estimated the prestigue of wearing a LPC sweatshirt on the Eastcoast. Scott was the former student from Navy who was stationed in Livermore at the Lab and had practice with us a couple of times. He had told them that I might be coming this way on a Ultimate observation trip." Another student went on to ask, "Hey Coach Pohl, would you teach us that famous zone defense that Las Positas College is so well known for?" "Sure!" I responded. I hadn't taught or coach all that year while on sabbatical so I was really excited about getting the chance to coach again. I remember explaining to the team about the concept in a zone defense of forcing the offense to throw to the disc (frisbee) to the sideline and then trapping the player with the disc against the sideline and not allowing the player to throw the disc back to the middle of the field. This strategy is one of the key elements in the success of the zone defense approach. As I demonstrated the position and stance in doing this manuver, I turned my head back to the group of student-athletes as they observed my lecture with the upmost attention and respect. I can still remember saying to the team, "do you understand this??" Now realized I hadn't coach in almost a year and I'm used to community college level students who don't always have the greatest attention spans. When the team answered back in unison with a "Sir, Yes Sir!" response, I thought I had died and gone to Coach's Heaven. It was a great afternoon of coaching and I really had a great time. I found out later that they did pretty well that year in their regional tournament with their new zone defense. I then went back to DC for the next day and went to the Smithsonian Museums. DC is my favorite city. It Rocks!
And then on to Delaware, New Jersey (of course Atlantic City) and then west to Pennsylvania. I attended the Penn Relays and helped at a track meet at Dickinson College while visiting with Don Nichter again. I remember while in the south of Pennsylvania, I crossed over the state line and went through a mile and a half of road before entering West Virginia. That was three states in less than two minutes.

Three states in less that two minutes. Pretty good. Then it was back to the east coast and New York - New York.

I had a great birthday in NY. I was on a 49 state trip in 49 days and turned 49 in New York. Took photos from the top of the twin towers and in front of the "Tonight Show" where Dave Letterman performs nightly. Who knew what would happen later on 9-11. Visited the Thurgoods in Rockaway Beach

Then on to Conniticutt, then Rhode Island, Massachussettes, New Hampshire, Maine and then back through NH, Vermont, and across upper state New York. This was the most beautiful of all the states to Pat. Then on to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Another passion for Pat is football. Remember he was the son of a football coach, grew up playing it, played in high school, college, and then later coached it. This passion then led him to the next state Indiana and of course a visit to Norte Dame (Go Rudy!) and yes Pat snuck into the stadium at South Bend and put his foot on the sacred field.

After leaving the Fighting Irish world, it was pretty tough to move on. A quick trip up to Kalamazoo, Michigan to visit college roommate Glen Kellam. Went to Battle Creek, Mi. and saw a triple A baseball game. Always wondered about Battle Creek, because all the cereal boxes Pat saw as a kid and mailing boxtops to Battle Creek for prizes. Then a stopped at Prudue University and stayed with handball friend and intramural director colleague. Then off to the windy city and met with son in law Gary Schneider for a good time in Chicago. Of course went to the top of the Sears Tower.
Then up to Wisconson and then to Minnesota and across to South Dakota. Playing handball with colleaues along the way. Through South Dakota (did I mentioned I only got two speeding tickets on the whole trip. Both in states that start with the word south). Couldn't wait to get to Wall Drugs. I only saw about two hundred signs on the road before this famous place.

Then a quick trip up to North Dakota and across to Montana. It really does have a big sky. Back down to Wyoming and Yellowstone Park

As I got closer to home, I began realizing what a great country we live in. The America People are amazing. If you go by watching TV and the news, you'd think we're nothing buta bunch of bad people, but we're not. We are a great nation and a great people. I was very proud to be an American. I bought a post card in each state and mailed it to the Miller Kids so they could track my trip. Everywhere I went people were really friendly. After Yellowstone it was a quick journey through Idaho, touched Washington and Oregan and then back to California. Hoped on a plane the next day and it was off to Hawaii for some R and R. What a road trip....
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