Pat's Clan
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The Old Pohls Amigo, Tammy, Pat, Sharon, Mickey (Pat's brother), Rainy (Jeff's behind Rainy the dog), Nana (Pat's mom), Nechia, and Harry (Pat's Dad) circa: 1976
Disnyland 1980
Nana, Harry, Nechia, Jeff, (Anjulia), Tammy, Mickey, and Joanne
Below: Pat and his Kids: Tammy, Jeff, and Nechia

Pat's Grand Kids / a more updated picture on this side -->
<-- (Justin, Meaghan, Zack, Cole, Carlyn, Heather, Zack)
Latest Photo of Grandkids may 2009

Carlyn 13, Justin 19, Heather 20, Reed 8, Zack 18, Cole 4, Meaghan 17
Nice Shirts????

Nana (Pat's Mom, r.i.p.) and Pat / The Real Coach Pohl (Pat's Dad)

Dad was a big war hero besides being a great teacher and coach

Edna, Mickey, Mary (Pat's mom), Fred Ahern, Uncle Larry, Cousin Larry, me and my dad
Teenage Years Mickey, Mom, and me

Uncle Arnold, Cousin David Arnold, My dad Harry and me (Pat)

Pat's side of the family

Pat's cousins:Jimmy, Candi, Danny,Teri, Mickey, ?, Duke / Pat's cousins old and new: Michelle, Pat, Mickey, ?, David
Larry, Phyllis??, Michele, and Pat (me)
a a
Three generations of Pohls: Zack, Jeff, and Pat / Javan and Mickey / Cousins: Michelle, Dan, David, Pat, Candi, Mickey, and Teri
Pat's extended family: Newport Gang, Hawaiian Gang, Lake Tahoe Gang

Above: Newport Gang / Hawaii Gang in Prescott Az (2012)

above: Hawaii gang in New Orleans 1996
Below: Lake Tahoe in April 2013 Surprize Birthday Party for Pat's 67th

Below: Nana and Pat (a great mother - son team) and Mickey too....

Mary Agnes, Aunt Min, Nana ... What a wonderful person

Below: mom and dad at their H.S Reunion / Mickey, Mom, and Me
Mom's sisters: Eileen, Joan, and Rita / Mickey and Me at Lake Mead / Dad with Buddy

Below: Mickey, Mom, and Me / Dad and Mickey / Cousins: Michelle, Dan, David, Pat, Candi, Mickey, and Teri / Mom and Dad

Above: Pat sitting on the side of the car / Mom with Mickey / Mom's Wedding Day / Dad / Mom and Dad
Above: lower pictures are of Dad and Mom. The farthest one to the right is dad coaching. (he's the real Coach Pohl)
Below: Photos of Mickeys baptism

above: Dad and Mom during the war / Aunt Rita with Mickey / My Dad's Parents
Aunt Joannie with Mickey / Dad and Pat cleaning up the yard on Redlands Ave. in Newport Beach (1970)

Above: Terry and Pat at their Junior Prom, The Pohl VW Bus
Pat and Nana in Laguna Beach, Pat in his junior year at Newport Harbor, Pat in his sophmore year at Mater Dei High School
Below: the four sisters / Uncle Don, Mr. Arnold and wife Eileen, and Don's wife ?

Mom's Sisters
Aunt Neenee (Eileen), Aunt Joannie (Joan), Aunt Min (mom, Nana), Aunt Rita (Rita) / Mom / Pat with cousin Danny
Below are family photos of various years