Taco Tuesdays

Taco Tuesdays began in the year of 2009. Pat had an idea from his son-in-law Dan and daughter Nechia who always had Taco Tuesdays down where they lived in San Ramon. Pat would cook "Pohl Tacos" (an old family recipe) for anyone who wanted to come over. With the help (an marketing skills of Wolfgang) the Taco Tuesdays grew from a small get together to large productions. One night we had a sit down dinner for 26 in the little condo. Today they are known as Tahoe Tuesdays. The menu isn't tacos and the night isn't always Tuesday. The Tahoe Gang uses any excuse they can come up with to get together and eat and visit. We call it "churp and burp". They are now held year round and are rotated to who ever wants to host one. Click below on the year you would like to look at photos of Tahoe Tuesdays