Ultimate Days
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1987 National Collegiate Ultimate Champions, coached by Ken Foote and Pat Pohl

Women's Ultimate

First Ever Women's Ultimate Team 1996
Some articles on Pat and his Ultimate Days

He retires after 20 years

A comment from Gretchen about how ultimate changed her life

First Tournament Win (Sierra Sunsation - 1979) (That's Jeff Pohl at the top of the pyramid)

Toughest Nine women I ever coached
Top: Jeanna Chilton, ?, Kay French, ?, Anne Schultz / Heather and Gretchen Sponburgh, Leslie Lewis, & Char Tanisawa

The players kept playing into their later years...

2003 DUI (Davis Ultimate Invitational) Reunion Team
In the photo above: Fred Scheberies Matt West Brian HoweBobby Throckmorton, Brian VestBradley James HaganBrian SpringerMike Robson,  Ryan WhitelawMark ButlerMark ZikaKen FooteKerry KarterGeoff GrayZac FullerChris WatersRick NultemeierBrian StephensCraig
Mike Harrell Todd Slater, John WolfGriff JoyceGreg BushnerEric Johnson
In 2015 Chabot/LPC won the DUI - Congratulations
Ultimate Night in Oakland 7/9/2016. We watched the SF Flamethrowers vs the San Jose Spiders

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30 Year Reunion of the National Championship Team held at Las Positas College - May 20th, 2017
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