Why Pat Does What He Does
When I retired (2009) my goal was to surf a 100 days a year and to ski (or snowboard) a 100 days a year. Someone once asked me what I was going to do you do the other 165 days? I thought about it and I realized that I do a lot more things during the year in addition to sking and surfing. Remember I was a "play" teacher for over forty years and I love to Play. It's even better when you're doing it with the ones you love. Some of the things I like doing best (some call these things playing) is: working out: hiking, biking, running, walking, exercising all my muscles, swimming, playing games (like tennis, disc golf, card games, dominos, etc.), boating, going to the movies (I really love watching movies - Thanks Frank Marshall), watching TV (like college football, and more movies), and last but not least (unfortunately) I like to gamble (I've had to curtail this activity becasue of living too close to the casinos in Tahoe). Above all of these activities I like hanging out with my famil, friends, and Ali the most. And to use a lyric from John Denver: It's the sweetest thing I know of, just spending time with you". (By the way Ali, you are the "you" in these lyrics). I believe there are two thing that bring you happiness in life: connectivity with other people (family and friends) and doing good things for other people..

Why do I surf?
The Essence of Surfing
Surfing so soothes me,
it's always has been a kind of Zen experience for me.The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, & awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I'm on a wave
Aurthor~Paul Walker

Why do I Ski?
The Essence of Skiing
Skiing is like a dance with the mountain. You move with ease from side to side, suspended by a magical thread somewhere between heaven and earth. When you are touched by the spirit of skiing you will know the joy of the mountain and the freedom of the wind.
Author~Jack Heggie 

Why do I hike?
The Essence of Hiking
The essence of hiking is to leave life behind, if only for a few hours, and explore the world around you using only the power of your body. It is feeling your lungs labor, your muscles tighten and relax, and all your senses bringing new information into your brain. Being a Hiking Dude is being on the move, covering ground, challenging your body, and renewing your soul.
Hiking is just Walking with an Attitude
Taken from hikingdude.com

Pat at the top of Mt. Whitney / Pat hiking with his friend Harry in his beloved Desolation Wilderness
I always explain to people, could you imagine being on a stairmaster for eight hours? I couldn't. But when you're on a eight hour hike you get the same workout but you never notice the boredom or tedious work because you're seeing beautiful scenery and chatting with friends and it goes by so quickly.

Why do I Bike?
The Essence of Biking
The essence of cycling is what the very act of riding a bicycle means to you. There are as many meanings as there are individuals to define them, and all of them are correct. The essence of cycling is what it is, to you. This is one place that no outside influence can dictate; it’s not a result of marketing or any other person’s experience. For me it is not depending solely on the automobile for transportation. In Tahoe, it is another way to enjoy the landscape, it Hawaii, it is our main source of transportation. In mountain biking, it is the challenge of the technical trails. In many ways it is another way to combine exercise with enjoying the countryside.

Why do I Workout?
(run, swim, exercise the muscles, etc.)
Click here for some answer to my motivation to run

Why do I play?
Never Under Estimate the Importance of Play!

The following is taken from Dr. Pohl's Intramural Website at Las Positas College: Sport activities find their origin in the basic human need for the spirit of play. Winning and losing are mere outcomes of this play spirit. What is part of the game is the pure satisfaction of participation (fun, fitness, friendship, stress release, etc...) Without your opponent, you have no game, no contest, and no fun. You are indebted to them, as they are to you. The spirit of play, then, is based upon cooperation. Upholding standards of integrity, respect, & fair play acknowledges this idea of cooperative competition. All players are encouraged to exercise good judgment in the caring of the safety of others as well as themselves. Intramurals are for fun and for making everyone feel good about themselves.

The Best is Hanging with Family, Friends, and Ali

And the greatest joy I've ever known .... is just spending time with Ali...

Running has always been a special thing for me. I'm not built to be a runner but I have always endured the pain/joy of running and have benefitted from it.

age 69 (27 minute 5K run)